Big flathead and blue catfish in Cumberland Lake in Kentucky?

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    get to go fish it soon. and was wondering if i should bring big bait and big tackle ?? its a hudge place i think i have never been there. but were i'm going has a boat and fish finder. and noone really knows how to use any of it . lol but its my first chance to fish big water . with a boat and all that . i dont want to waist my weekend on learning how to use a fish finder . trying to places to fish . i really just want to jump right on it and fish. and spend less time enjoying the toys ( boat ect. ) since first chance at big water . i want a big fish. thing is i'm limited right now to 4/0 hook from gama what ever. you all know what i mean . my rods and reels and line are ready. any helpful tips . or and advice. i for some reason feel like i cant explain myself well enough . for you all to understand it .lol well i just want a decent fish . and notwaist time playing with the finder or running gas out of the boat. is ther e big blues and flatts there anyone know ???
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    'Round here the catfish have been biteing in relatively shallow water(3'-6'). I don't know about KY, but shallow flats, and submerged islands or humps are producing here. Use the sonar to locate these humps. Other than that, all I can say is use fresh bait live or cut. Shad, or perch. Good luck.