Big Channel Cat on 4 lb. Test

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    I had the fine honor of dragging Jerry Dauer away from the beauty of the Sequatchie Valley Saturday and onto the Tennessee River below Chickamauga Dam. Primary target... spots and smallmouth, but we ended up with a serious mixed bag, including some quality cats. We spent most of our time fishing live threadfin, except when we decided to "cut 'em" for the catfish. The Spots drove Jerry crazy all morning. He couldn't toss a threadfin anywhere near the rocks without a spot grabbing it. Unfortunately most of them were too small to swallow a 5-inch threadfin. LOTS of little squirts out there today. We did boat a bunch (25'ish). But I'm sure we lost/missed 100+. We did a little bit of everything today... catfished a while and boated a few decent fish. I managed one quality smallmouth, but the Battle of the Day was when Jerry tagged a big channel cat on 4 lb. test line. He actually did it twice... but second and last fish of the day was biggest. On the first run Jerry thought he was going to get spooled! He can definitely fight a fish... it takes some real finesse to land a fish like that on 4 lb., although I really wasn't sure who was going wear out first.... Jerry or the fish (last picture). I didn't clock it but I'm guessing a 15-20 minute battle. We caught all three species of black bass today, two species of catfish, stripe, various sunfish and rock bass. There was no shortage of action... and no shortage of good company! Life is good and gettin' better every day!

    First spot of the day!

    We doubled up on a big stripe and solid largemouth!

    Big Cat in the boat!

    Jerry persevered on a big mean channel cat! An awesome catch on 4 lb. test!
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    Thank you for sharing this with us and sharing the pictures thats some nice looking bass and a nice looking catfish I say he put up a really good fight to be caught on 4 pound test im glad to hear you all got it into the boat and was able to take pictures of it keep up the good work and keep us posted on how you all do.

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    Temple, Tx.
    those are some good lookin fish, especially th cats. thanks for sharing
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    thanks for the report that looks like a blast!
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    Walter Flack
    thanks for the report, that is a mixed bag of fish. lol
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    thanks for the pictures and the report good looking fish
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    Sounds like a great day on the water! Thanks for the report