Big Cats Were Hungry Today

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    I had the pleasure of guiding Paul Ferris on the waters of Nickajack Lake today. Paul's very kind wife bought him a guide trip as a gift. Paul overslept some, but we managed to make it on the water to catch a few stripe and bass for the early morning bite. When that bite slowed and it was time to chase catfish, I asked Paul if he preferred to go for quantity or quality... and I explained that the "quality" fish have been tough to come by this year. He still opted for quality. It turned out he is a very wise man. :grin: On our first drift we doubled up. I hooked up first and then immediately I heard him holler. I thought he was hollering about my rod doubled over, but I turned only to see him doubled over as well. Mine was 16, his was 27.

    Next drift he caught a 23-pounder.

    In about four hours we put eight fish in the boat that weighed 136 lbs., a 17-pound average, and Paul had three TARP fish. It was the best quality bite I've had all year long. All on chicken breast in anywhere from 23 feet to 46 feet. As usual, structure mattered much more than depth. Paul wanted some to eat... we managed to squeeze the two smallest fish in his cooler. He said "My little boy is going to freak when he sees these, and he'll never believe these are the two 'little ones!" Which is yet another reason that life is good and gettin' better everyday.

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    Sounds like a great day on the water. Congrats on the good fish and the satisfied customer