Big Catfish Of Argentina The Surubi

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    Even though the Striped Surubi is smaller than the Spotted Surubi its fighting capacity is better. When waters are clear relentlessly attacks any lure, and if hooked in the mouth without affecting any vital organ offers a really tough fight.

    The smallest variety of Surubi. Has an elongated and thin body with 13 or 14 transversal dark stripes going from the back to the abdomen. This is white with a few dark spots.
    Dark fins with rounded spots. The head is big, depressed and with a uniform wide. The male can reach 3.5 feet long with 88 pound maximum weight. The female can reach 3.6 feet with an 80-pound weight. The basic food is small forage fish.

    Their preferred environment in large rivers, are the deeper areas that have a moderate to strong current.

    The Surubi is without any doubt the biggest freshwater game fish on Argentina. This high sportive value specie is known because of the strong fight that offers to the angler. These fish are catch on different environments both with organic bait and trolling with lures.

    The Surubi is a giant catfish, has a long rounded body, with short height a very big head, depressed specially on the mouth. It has a yellowish color, almost white in the belly, it's covered with dark spots that turn into bars at the end of the body. The back is black. Before manguruyú, surubí is the biggest fish of Argentina, reaching up to 200 pounds. There are two species of surubí, being the spotted surubí the one that reaches bigger sizes, the average male lenght is 4 feet 6 inches and 90 pound weight and the female 4 feet long and 100 pounds weight.

    I sure would like to fight with one of these giant catfish .:0a27:

    Ace :0a23: Check out these pic.
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    Its a shame they are so good to eat. I work down there and nobody throws a fish back ever. They are good on the grill! Almost as good as Yellowfin Tuna.:)

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    Both of the fish you are talking about are subspecies of the family Brachyplatastoma, which also spawns off into the Paraiba, the largest South American catfish. All very cools species of SA catfish. Larger specimens have been known to eat monkeys that drop into the rivers!!!
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    who guided you for surubi?
    would you go back and if so, when?