big catfish in belews?

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    a friend of mine told me he talked to a guy that fishes pro said that he got 2 flats that where over 30 lbs out of belews and the guy told my buddy there was one that came out of there that was 47lbs out of the hot side and he saw it in person and it got put back. has anyboby heard that before?
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    Grays Cree
    never fished belewslake.........but dont underestimate the flathead presence!

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    Catfish in Belews lake have selenium in them. It comes from the fly ash from the settling pond behind the power plant. Many years ago when Belews lake came on line for fishing it was one of the premier in Piedmont NC for fishing. Then Duke Power dumped a bunch of water from the fly ash pond in the lake and ruined fishing there. It is only in recent years that the fishing has returned to near normal for crappie and bass. In the middle 1970's I lived less than 5 miles from the lake and when the fish disappeared it broke my heart.
    Today the shad population has rebounded and it is not unusual to net a dozen or more hand sized shad from near a lighted dock just at daylight or at dusk. Decent sized channel cats can be caught in the upper reaches of the lake on cut shad, beef heart, or shrimp but the real big cats that should have been growing since 1973 and would be near 40 lbs now got killed off in 1978. I heard last year that a monster cat was caught just above Pine Bluff boat landing. A wildlife officer said he saw the fish but strangely it was never officially weighed or recorded. The weight I was quoted would have been a state record at that time.

    I do fish Belews Lake for cats and have taken 10 to 12 lb pounders regularly at night. that would correspond to cats that were spawned in around 1995 or 1996 around the time the lake began to clear up. However, I do not think it is a mistake that the best catfish areas of the lake have more creek water in them than lake water. Perhaps in the future we will see larger cats from this lovely lake. Until then it is the domain of the jet ski and the wake board.