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Discussion in 'Boat Safety' started by AwShucks, Jul 17, 2006.

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    I am somewhat of a mixed opinion about having to attend Coast Guard approved classes in order to get an operator's permit to operate a pleasure/fishing boat in the United States.

    One of todays headlines were "TWO KILLED IN STATE LAKES". One guy had snagged his anchor line with his 58' house boat, and put into an island to get the line unsnared. He went under and never came up. That, in itself, is a trajedy. The second was killed when two boats collided. Now how in the heck can you not see a boat coming at you? Both was thrown overboard. One had on a life jacket - he survived. The second didn't have on a life jacket and drowned.

    The first guy, in my opinion, just had his time on earth done. It is sort of like going to sleep at night and not waking up. Preventable - yes, but not something a normal person would even think about. The second was just plain stupidity on both boat operators. The first guy probably did not need a license. The second ones definetly needed a license or required course of instruction in boating safety.

    We have too much big brother in our lives as it is...but it seems like big brother could be of use here. Hunters have to pass a safety course...wonder why?
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    I agree we have too much "Big Brother" in our lives.

    However, for a living, I'm technical support. I have learned that there are too many people out there who need to be FED the information, instead of studying themselves approved.

    Therefore, I think the saftey courses could be a VERY good thing.

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    Lawrence I see where you are coming from and it is sad. Hopefully it will keep idiots off the water, but probably not. Maybe thats jsut the optimist in me.
  4. Gator

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    What we need is people to enforce the laws we have on the books and not more laws. What good are new laws if you don't have the bodies needed to enforce them?
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    After spending 4 yrs. in the Coast Guard,i feel that you should have to have a licence to operate a boat/pleasure craft. There were too many times me and my shipmates put our lives on the line to rescue some knothead because he did not know how to operate his boat. Having some sort of training wont eliminate the knotheads of the world,but at least they will have some sort of education concerning boating saftey,and rules of navigation.
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    On a busy lake it is worse than driving in a mall parking lot @ Christmass.
  7. Ol Man

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    No amount of school/training is going to make much of an impact on accidents. Look at all the teeny boppers that take Driver's Ed, yet their age group still has one of the highest accident rates.:sad2:
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    Good point.

    Here in Alabama the law is useless in my opinion. Here you can operate a boat or jet-ski at 12 (with the approved course)! Twelve years old is not old enough to act, react, and behave responsibly enough in potential life and death situations on the water. I've seen parents launch their kids jetskis and leave! Left the kids on the water alone. That's as irresponsible as I've ever seen.
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    Nothing will change untill all the old school politicians are out of office and we as voters have the power to get them out. I have voted through the years for the person I thought would do the least damage to my community, state and country. This has not made a difference as of yet but I have noticed that politicians are now aware that that the people are remembering that their job is "BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE" and that we as voters can remove them from office. So dirty politicians beware the voters no longer can tolerate straight party voting and you may be jobless soon if you don't walk the line.
  10. Mark J

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    I think there should be testing and licenses for the water.
    I would dare say that less then 15% of the boaters on the water know how to read navigation lights, channel markers, and bouys, much less know when to yield and know when they have the right of way.
    Then you have something to enforce with.

    When it doesnt require an operator's license it is doing nothing to force people to learn what they do not know.
    You first have to force them into learning the rules of the road just like in a car. Then you can always strip the operator's license from an idiot.

    It shouldnt be a big deal to any of us. Charters captains have to be licensed by the coastguard and so do guides in this state.
  11. AllenM

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    I'm all for requiring that people take a course and/or be tested before being permitted to opperate anything that could cause harm to others around them in order to keep the truly dumb people from going out and crashing into other people for an honest lack of ability or skills to do it right, but the problem I have with it is the cost of the courses, tests, and licensing that it puts on people who DO have the common sense God gave them to just do it right. Besides which, too many people KNOW how they SHOULD do something, and will do it that way when tested, but the instant they think no one of looking over their shoulder they just get STUPID! So it really wouldn't serve the intended purpose IMHO.
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    No amount of testing or training can fix stupid... There are too many book smart people that don't have a lick of common sense..
  13. Mark J

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    No it doesnt, but an operator without a license would be an oppertunity to heavily fine. Or an operator with a license being stupid would have a license to take away.
  14. BailBonds

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    I know I'm new here but I'm not new to boating. I think a few different things are at issue here. A license to haul people on a boat for hire is a no brainer. You need to have a USCG license period. It's not an easy task to pass. A legit insurer will require it.

    A license for the recreational boater should be required too in my opinion. Not that it would prevent all accidents. It won't. On the water you deal with idiots that know the rules and ignore them. You also deal with uneducated boaters that flat out don't know the rules. They aren't idiots just uneducated and haven't taken the time to learn on their own. Just having a automobile license doesn't stop accidents on the streets does it? No it just makes it clear that you were tested and should have known if you were right or wrong before you screwed up and caused an accident.

    Alcohol is a huge factor in most boating accidents. I'm a regular beer drinker. You can drink and have good time on my boat. But I drink ZERO when I'm operating the boat.

    I'm about as anti-government and anti-big brother as you will find but there is a time when the govt needs to provide guidance.

    As one member said you can't fix stupid. He's exactly right. But you need to know the rules first. If you don't have the self discipline to learn on your own, then big brother better step in for the other people on the water.

    Of course trying to outwit an animal with a brain the size of pea ain't to smart ether. But I'll keep trying.

    RP in INDY
  15. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    Ya be amazed at how many people dont even know which side is portside or where the sun sets.
  16. Mark J

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    Navigation rules are the big thing with me especially at night.
    for the vast majority of people they know they have to have a little red light and a little green light on the bow of the boat but have no clue what it means.
    When I was coming along it was nothing to see a 7 or 8 year old kid driving a boat. Anyone can drive one!
    There are no checks and balances of operating a boat until an accident has already happened in most cases.
    Atleast with a license everyone will have to learn a little something to operate a vessel.
    I would rather see it as an endorsement on a state drivers license like a motorcycle endorsement.
  17. oldprowler

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    Mark: The only benefit I can see from having a boat operators license as an attachment to a drivers license over a separate document is that it would certainly disqualify everyone under the age of 16 (or what ever the states age requirement for a drivers license is). I am not saying that is necessarily a bad thing but from my limited research, more boating accidents are caused by adults than by kids under the age of 16. IMHO kids and their PWCs are much more of an annoyance than an actual hazard.
  18. gcarlin

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    I Have To Agree With Gator, Inforce The Laws We Have.