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    i wana catch one of the 3ft carp in our channel here in havasu.....

    i have 20 lb fireline on our poles......i can chum with sugar soured corn and use i as bait too.....

    is there a preference or hook...... treble.......J........size.....????????????????

    any help will be awsome.....

    schools out for summer soon and i would love to catch a 20lb carp :smile2:

    thanks yall
  2. mcwrestler

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    Chumming with corn is good. Stay away from the treble hook if you intend to possibly catch the fish again. Trebles can be death traps if they catch the lip right and the fish breaks off.

    I brought in my 30+lb carp on Eagle Claw size 6 hook, with 2 hair rigged pieces of sweet corn, no need for huge hooks. Almost all of my hooks now can easily lay on a dime.

    Corn, grits pack, plain sweetcorn are all good starting places.

    Remember to handle the big fish carefully, never by the gills, or lips. You treat them right and you can catch them at larger sizes. Always lay them on the softest surface available. Good luck and tight lines.

  3. Apache Flats

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    If you want to keep that carp for cut bait to use for cats I say use the treble. Ifyou plan on realeasing it use the size 6 hook mentioned. Corn on a single hook or bread on a treble works for me.