beware of thieves

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by lendog, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. lendog

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    berks, PA
    never let your guard down and make sure all fishing equipment and esp. your motor are secure. i keep my boat at my father-in-laws auto body shop and last week i discovered the motor stolen, a 40 hp mariner that was on wednesday so i called all local boat shops and on saturday i had to stop and get an estimate and while describing my motor the owner tells me he has my motor, who ever took it sold it and another motor just a few days ago, the thief left both motors at the boat shop over nite so they could give him a quote on value so the guy left a name and address and phone number, i figure it was bogus but the boat shop called the # the next day to give him a check in the name he gave, anyway now the cops have to locate this guy and i won't get my motor until after his preliminary hearing if they can locate him, but atleast i know where my motor is, and i also have to recover the damage from the cables which were cut (controls and steering, ignition)
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    I see people all the time including friends sling their rods and reels in the back of the truck and head out fishing.
    They stop to get bait, stop at Walmart, or the food kitty along the way and dont think nothing about their tackle.
    NEVER will you see me not in sight of my stuff. I am real peculiar over this because I have been a victim of breakins and theft.

    Just this week I got off my duff and finally had fire and theft alarm systems installed in my house and across the road at the barn.
    Thats the best 1500 bucks I've spent in a long time.

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    I see that all the time in our little town which is on the way to the coast. These guys come back & stop at the Dairy Queen & leave all those high dollar rods & reels sticking outta the boat.. Never will I ever do that w/my stuff. I have a tonneau cover on my f150 that stays locked all the time @ the lake & whenever we leave cuz you just never know....:wink::eek:oooh: