Beware of Skin So Soft

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  1. gbh61

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    To all of the night fishin' crew. Beware of the product Skin So Soft as a bug repellent. Don't get me wrong, it works great as a bug repellent but can't hold onto a rod and reel worth poot. Last night, my son and I were drifting the rocks on Bird Creek near where it runs into the navigation channel. On our second drift thru, I had just caught a pan sized sandie. Upon releasing the fish, my son and I noticed his rod was bending so we of course thought FISH ON. WRONG!!! His rig was hung up on the rocks. He grabbed his rod and while trying to break off the snag(this is why I DON'T use 30 lb. test), his pole slid out of his hands into 10 ft. of water never to be seen again. Moral of the story.......use OFF lol. His B-Day is tomorrow, so guess what he's gonna get????? U guessed it. A new rig and OFF
  2. Steven Armstrong

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    yea i would trow that stuff overboard !lol! i`ve tried that product at work for buffalo gnats, didn`t have much luck,but had better luck with the deep woods off. hope you have bettr luck on the next fishing trip

  3. germanmudfish

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    Gray, GA
    but I put a dryer sheet in the front pocket of my t-shirt after wiping my arms and legs down with it and it seems to keep the skeeters off. Not perfect, but not poison either. Try it and let us know how that works for you. Have a back up though, I don't want to be the reason for a missed trip due to failure.:cool2::wink::embarassed:
  4. Catgirl

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    13,546's Skin So Soft! Body lotion, moisturizer, elaborate if you must.

    I've heard all my life (well, most of it) that Skin So Soft worked as a bug juice (repellant, pet name :smile2:). My mom was an Avon representative, and I know for a fact that stuff is slippery.

    I'll stick with OFF.....although I don't really have a problem with bugs when I'm out on the lake here. I take it with me just in case though.
  5. FourWinds

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    Lawton, Oklahoma
    I've used it a time or two in the past and never had the grip problem. That was probably due to washin my hands tho because I didn't want the scent on my bait.
  6. bownero

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    Hastings, Ne.
    Buy a THERMACELL!! Best product on the market for those mosquitos and black flies. Yes. Keep the Thermacell away from the fish and the live bait. The active ingredient(trans Allethrin) is toxic to fish. So take precaution when using this product.
  7. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Skin so Soft is good insect repellent for those days when you care whether or not you smell like Deet! Otherwise its pure deet for me.

    I was curiuos that if I lost my old poles in the water, Is that reason to buy new ones??:wink: I am sure all you BOC sisters out there can clarify that for me!!
  8. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    How do ya know if its slipperr,,r,yyyy?
  9. catgetter1

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    Never tried the stuff but I have heard 'bout it....Thanks fer the warning 'bout it being so slippery, I wanna keep my rods thank you......:cool2:

    SUNDROP New Member

    I rub down with it before I leave the house if I'm wearing shorts in the heat, then I blast Deep Woods OFF on top of it all trip. I figure it helps with bugs and keeps the deet out of my pores, the stuff (deet) isn't good for you..
  11. Larry Collier

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    Wagoner, Oklahoma
    Skim so Soft is great for rubbin on kids after dark on the patio or deck. But for serious protection in the outdoors use deep woods off w/deet. I've used it while frog giggin some really swampy areas after dark and I'll swear by the stuff. I've used the Skin so Soft while giggin the same places and can only swear at the stuff!!
  12. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Best chigger repelent I've found. Use it when picking black berries.
  13. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    I never did like Skin so Soft. My in-laws were always trying to get me to use that, and vanilla extract while playing golf with them. Great.... so I smell like a fat woman baking a cake!!!

    The best insect repellant I've ever seen was made by Amway. I can't remember the name of it, but I used to pilfer it from my folks when they sold the stuff way back when I was a kid. I'm a mosquito and buffalo gnat magnet, and if it'll work on me it'll work on anybody. I get bit so much by the mosquitos, that my buddies bring me along fishing sometimes just so they won't get bitten. I wish I was kidding.:sad2: I sure wish I knew if that stuff was still made. I use 100% Deet when I can get my hands on it. I have buddies in the air force, and they get little bottles of it for free from the gov't. Those naturally migrate my way when I take em fishing.:cool2:

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    well one good thing came of all this the son get a new set up thats all i ever want. wait i still want a new set up today and i just got one lol . my wife would kill me.