Beware of buying boat building products off the internet

Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by Mark J, Apr 9, 2008.

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    I was cruising around Ebay last night and found some boat building epoxy.
    Awesome price for 10 gallons or even 2 gallons.
    It's a 1 to 1 mix ratio.
    I am pretty knowledgeable about epoxies and 1-1 ratios are not used in boat building. It may or may not be ok for just coating. I have no idea how viscous it is and if it will penetrate.
    We use alot of epoxies to set machinery. Its typically 1 to 1 and made for patching concrete or pouring bolt holes in concrete. Its designed to hold something in place and if its anything like the 1 to 1 we use its not something you want to glass with. It would be terrible to work with.

    Most common is a 2 to 1 ratio used in boat building but the West system is a 5 to 1. The higher the ratio the stronger it will be. However 2 to 1 is strong enough.

    Another thing is fiberglass. Man you can run across some good deals on the internet clearing houses on glass cloth and tape.
    If its a price too good to be true, it usually is.
    Been alot of folks stuck buying glass that has been wet. It's junk.
    Alot of this been wet glass comes from hurricanes that rip through Florida. Its still being sold and when was the last hurricane that ripped through Florida?

    Some of it is just bad runs or has gotten wet for reason or another from rain or shipping.
    Some of it is just dirty glass with contaminates in it.

    Marine plywoods. I can write a book on marine plywood but typically if you go to your local lumber yard and they either stock a marine plywood or dont but offer alot better deal then you can find online BEWARE.
    Even though it may be Meranti plywood doesn't mean its marine but the unknowledgeable salesman will try to pawn it off as marine. If the salesman doesnt know his stuff about marine plywood dont buy. If you get that uneasy feeling. Dont buy. If you have to attempt to educate this guy , dont buy.
    There is plenty online to guide you in how to distinguish marine plywoods from those that aren't.

    My advice is to stick to the reputable boat building supply houses.
    Some of the online supply houses are hooked up directly with World Panel which is the largest supplier of marine plywoods and you by dealing with those people can cut out atleast one middle man and pay a cheaper price. Right now you'll make up the difference in shipping but you know what you are getting is the real deal.

    Don't be a sucker.
    I've been seeing alot of questionable boat building supplies that are questionable. The boat building community is growing larger and larger as the price of everything increases. There are people pushing product trying to take advantage of the newbie adventurer testing the waters in the world of boat building.
    Know what you are buying.
    Take the time to do some research online for products to get a feel for the market and the products.

    Online plans. Buyer beware. There are alot of outdated plans out there that aren't utilizing today's technologies and aren't for the novice. There is alot of joinery involved.

    There are also plans drawn up by people that have an autocad program.
    There is alot more to it then that.
    Shop your plans. Research the designer. Technical support is a big thing to shop for. Is the designer going to be there for you when you have a question?
    You dont need to be guessing if you are hanging an outboard motor on it.
    What is the designer's background? Does he hold any degrees in naval archetecture or naval design? Very important questions.
    You have some people seller designs by other people. I would be really wary of that if I wasn't an experienced builder. As a beginner you'll have questions.
    You can tell alot about a plan site by the website. Is it a professionally built site like the BOC or is it amateurish in appearance?
    There are alot of backyard plans out there. Some of these may be ok for paddling around a pond but thats as far my trust goes. Aint much to designing a pirogue.

    Its things like this that turn people off from ever building another boat or finishing the one that they have started. More home built boats are never finished then are finished.
    If you got your ducks in a row when you shop you'll love building or modifying your current boat. It's a disease easily cured by getting ripped off.
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    Thank You Mark. Great Post!!!!! Just one More reason Why I Love the BOC. Have a GREAT Day.Your Iowa Friend. J.D.

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    Thanks Mark, This will save me and others from making a big mistake.
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    If you do decide to buy online, do your research first. Use resources like the Better Business Bureau ( to research the company before you place an order. If it's a company that's done some bad deals, they'll most likely be listed. Another good website (mostly for electronics though) is
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    Thanks for the info Mark about on line shopping, with the cost of refitting a boat it pays to shop smarter saw a couple of Lowe boats on BOC that were getting some great deck work done on them would like to know where you would buy the flotation foam at. Please PM me with your advice on foam. You guys sure do beautiful work and have the best advice around.

    Thank again, Stan