Beverly flathead

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    I was upstream from Beverly monday night, just set up on a jam/beaver hut. Just got both rods out and was trying to get the anchor lines tight. Should have did that first lol. I had only been there 6 min or so, hadn't even got to sit down when my reel started screaming. I jumped down off the bow and grabbed the reel. It felt like a decent fish, I was only 25 yrds from my bait. Well it was very dark and I was alone and I couldn't let go long enough to turn on a light lol. This fish was pulling so hard, and splashing so much I thought I had a 30 or 40. I had it right in front of me when it entangled itself in my other line making that clicker scream as well, with me trying to hold the fish with one hand and untangle the other rods line from around my handel all in pitch black. It dived under the boat and headed upstream pulling the boat (cause the lines weren't tight) lol. It all lasted 4 or 5 minutes but it was cool. When I got him up and in the boat he was 14 pounds. I was shocked, that fish fought like no other fish I have caught in the last few years. If he gets to be a 40 pounder I pity the guy that hooks into him.
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    I caught a blue last weekend on the ohio that was the same way. He loaded the rod, and when i set the hook he immedialty started taking drag. I thought I had a good fish on, and he turned out to be about 14 pounds. He is actually the fish in my avatar. He fought like crazy. And to top if off he bit the hell out of me when i was trying to get the hook out..LOL...He was a mean one.