Between,, Aberdeen and Meldahl ???

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    I don't fish the ohio river much,,( never been on it in a boat ).
    So maybe some of you boat guys could help me out. I would assume that the blue cat population is greater on the tail water side of meldahl dam.
    But I was wondering about the stretch of water between Aberdeen and meldahl. Is there a good number of blues here to ?? Or is it good for flatheads ??. Fishing from the bank ,,Should I try from Ohio side , OR, hit the kentucky side ??. Is there any deep holes in this stretch of river ?? Or ,does the channel run close to the bank anywhere ?? I've only hit two spots on the river.
    one @ warm water discharge from Aberdeen power plant.
    and ,one spot before the power plant. Never had any luck at either.

    Kinda wondering about the tailwater side of Meldahl from Kentucky side also,,,Is it to snaggy to fish from the bank ??

    Sorry I know it sounds like alot ,,,and ,,,It's probably simple questions for some of you.
    THANKS ,,,,
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    SW Ohio
    It sems the further downstream you go, the more Blues there are in numbers but I think the river between Meldahl and Aberdeen offers a good chance at some 20-30 Lb blues, just not as many in numbers as below say Cinci. ( My Opinion here)

    If your looking for deeper water, try to set up on an outside bend with lots of current on it, if the banks are steep and rocky, thats what you want, it tells you the bottom is rock, there is deep water there and rocks for fish to hide behind to let food come drifting by.

    I have fished for cats from the bank on the KY side of the dam at Meldahl and better prepare to loose your rig on every cast, its ugly down there!!
    I never tried the Ohio side from shore, only from a boat for saugers.

    I hope this helps some.


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    Randy I will be going sometime soon to that area and your welcome to go with. We will check it out with the boat and depth finder, while catching some fish. When I get the next trip planned I will PM you. But if you have to before then, Go to Ripley boat ramp, if you go up to the creek where the Marina is they have a old resturant there that some people fish off of. I have caught several blues there but mostly I catch them about even with the upstream side of the creek mouth. So if you could find a way to get on the east side of that creek you would have a much better chance. There is a nice twenty foot ledge right at the mouth and the blues will lie right under it and wait on bait to wash over to them.