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  1. baitchunker

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    took the boat out yesterday to wash the skunk smell off. i had a hunch that with all of the rain we have had lately, the cats would be closer to the bay on the extreme lower part of the delta to gorge themselves on any remaining white shrimp. plus i have heard some pretty good fishing reports from the causeway area about 2 miles from the house.
    i grabbed up a couple buddies and headed to the boat launch. my high hopes were lifted higher when another fishing buddy of mine was tieing his boat off to the pier. i looked in his bow and there lay a 34 # blue. very nice i said. (sad it wasnt released but to each his own i reckon). he said he cought it in an area called pass picada or "devils cut" if you are a local. it is basically a channel that runs through some mud flats and spills into the bay going from 1'-3' deep on the flats all the way to 20-25' in the channel. he said he cought it bouncing a live shrimp across the bottom. he said he has been catching 10-25#ers all week. perfect i thought.
    we headed out and i noticed the tide and wind were acting funny. thats about when i remembered we were under a neap tide all week. (thats were the tide never really moves-and pretty well shuts the bite off). oh well we were already out. we cought a few smaller blues. and i really do mean smaller. the lunker of the day was right at 1# and a quarter. awesome.
    but at least we got out, and at least we cought some cats. thats a big improvment from last week. i think i am gonna give them another shot after work sometime this week. ive got some leftover shrimp, minnows, and gills in the freezer that are begging to get drowned. i'll let yall know how it works out.
  2. Big Dav

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    At least you got out to wet a few lines and sink a couple of hooks. Any fish is a good fish, just some days the good fish are a little smaller. Thanks for the report.


  3. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    see JD you got it made out there with them Blues. we dont have them out here. i went out again on Satuday chasing Channel cats and got skunked again. i had a feeling we werent gonna catch to much, so i went scouting for new water. found a pretty nice spot that will be killer once the water starts warming up. not a total loss. congrats on getting your hands on some fish though. i still have yet to catch a cat this year.
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    Yeah Jd atleast you got out I havent fished in almost a month.Thanks for the report.
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    It could have been worse, at least your trips are getting better. My last couple trips were duds too, so hopefully the fishin' will keep gettin' better for both of us.
  6. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    Next time you will get the Big One! :wink: Thanks for the report JD! :big_smile:
  7. Arkansascatman777

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    Sounds like a fun day fishing with friends, catching fish is just icing on the cake. At least you got the skunk out of the boat.