Best week ever in Iowa

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    i had my best week ever catfishing, last sunday we hit coralville caught 32 channels, tuesday caught 35 channels, wednesday went to fort madsion on the mighty mississippi and caught 18 channels for 105 pounds, back to coralville on thursday caught 20 channels, back to fort madsion on saturday and caught 30 channels for 121 pounds also had a few friends in there own boat caught 30 channels for 134 pounds the same day. you got to love eary spring for fishing. all where caught on rotten shad guts. by the way 80% where caught and released. the biggest was 12 pounder and three 9 pounders at fort madsion.

    clayton huff

    whoops should have put this in iowa rivers section.
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    Tucson AZ
    thats awazing cool :) and lot of fish

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    Menominee Michigan

    Mississippi River Pools 16 to 19: The water temperature at Lack and Dam 16 (Muscatine) is 48 degrees and the river pool stage for Pool 16 is 10.68 feet. Water levels are expected to increase over the next several days from the recent rains. Fishing has been fair for walleye and sauger on jigs tipped with minnows in the tailwaters below dams 15 to 19. Anglers report fishing for channel catfish has been good in Lake Odessa (Pool 17 and 18) on dead shad and shad guts. Catfishing has also been good to fair in the mouths of tributary rivers and streams and around the wingdams. Crappie fishing has been fair to slow in the backwaters. Fishing for white bass has been fair on jigs and minnows.

    Lake Darling (Washington): Water temperature is 44 degrees. Anglers are picking up a few catfish along the rocky shorelines. Look for crappies to still be in deeper water around the sunken trees. The water is still too cold for them to be closer to shore.

    Lake Rathbun (Appanoose): Crappies have been hitting in bays and coves. The water temperature is in the low 40s.

    Lake Wapello (Davis): Crappies have been biting off points and around structure using minnows under a bobber. Largemouth bass have been hitting on a variety of artificial lures.

    Lake Sugema (Van Buren): Walleyes can be caught using crankbaits and jig and minnow combos along the rocky shorelines and rip rapped areas.

    Coralville Reservoir (Johnson): The channel catfish bite is slowing, but some can still be caught in the shallow upper reaches on shad fillets or guts.

    Skunk River (Washington and Henry): Carp fishing is excellent below the dam at Oakland Mills. Catfishing is good to excellent as they fatten up after their winter hibernation. Hit the mouths of the feeder creeks with night crawlers and minnows.

    English River (Washington): Catfishing is fair to good on night crawlers and minnows.

    Iowa River (Washington and Louisa): Anglers are doing well on catfish using shad guts and minnows.

    Wapsipinicon River (Linn): Smallmouth bass have been willing to bite for anglers. The best technique has been drifting a bobber and minnow rig. Keep in mind, there is a three fish daily bag limit with a length limit of 12 inches on smallmouth bass.

    Cedar River (Linn): Some anglers have been catching a few walleyes below the dams. Jig and minnow combos have been producing best. A few crappies have also been caught on minnows in some of the backwater/off channel areas.
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    Thats some good action, congrats!
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    Great start. Hope it continues.
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    Long time no see there clayton, glad to see you are catching fishes.
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    Good job on the catching
    Better job on the releasing:)
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    I agree with the CPR! Great job on the cats man! Sound like yall had a blast!