Best Trip Yet on Wylie river

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    I decided that since I was planning to fish Friday night in the tourney that got cancelled, and I sent the wife off to the beach, then I should go fish.

    Best trip I have had on Wylie, and it figures it would happen on a night there
    was supposed to be a tournament! 19 total fish, and the best three were 28 pounds. There was a 12 pound flathead, a 7-8 channel and a 8-8 channel, and that is my largest channel cat so far on Wylie.

    The amazing thing is that I woud have been culling 7-2, 6-12, and 6-4 fish. I have never had that many good fish in one trip on Wylie. I would have had a 42 pound stringer on a five fish tournament, and that would win a lot of them on Wylie.

    No ryhme or reason as to why things were so damn good. I was anchored the whole time and fished five different spots. Water was around 65 and the air temp was 44 and fell to around 31.

    Just not sure on the tournament thing, part of me wants to and part of me does not have an interest. It is kinda nice to leave and go home when you want to. I was psyched up to do the tournament, but there is a part of me that does not want to make fishing a competetion because I worry it may take the fun out of it. Who knows, I may still do one in the future.
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    Pat Chaney
    Congrats on the great trip! I know what you mean about doing something for fun vs. on a competitive basis, so maybe you could try one and see how it goes. If anything, fishing should definitely be fun.

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    Nice fish on wylie for sure.The catfish are starting to bite in earnest on wylie now.I have caught a lot more while crappie fishing lately.Never underestimate the power of the minnow to induce cat strikes.I'm convinced I could place in the cat tourneys by setting up to night fish for crappie:) Always get a few big cats that tie up all the lines running back and forth.
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    Glad you had a good outing.