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Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSISSIPPI TALK' started by missed mallards, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. missed mallards

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    Leland, MS
    I'm a hunter at heart but love to tie into a cat every once in a while. I'm hoping to try and double up this weekend and can't figure out which would be better. A cool morning start, midday, or a late afternoon fishing trip. I'm hoping to hunt at the odd times i'm not fishing. In yalls opinion when would you try to scheldule your fishing trips bassed on your expereinces.

    Thanks, Tom
  2. heavyduty

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    Grand Gulf,MS
    Tom, Im a catfisherman at heart and I used to be a big deerhunter,I woulda called somebody a lie, if they said I was ever gonna quit huntin,, but deer huntin always interfered with my catfishin so I quit deer huntin and started catfishin year round, so my opinion is this, if I were You ,I would hunt one weekend and fish the next , or hunt saturday and fish sunday, or what ever ,,,mix it up so it isnt a hassle,,, just my opinion,,

  3. catfishbills

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    I guess it all depends on how much driving you have to do! If you live close to where you deer hunt, I would deer hunt in the morning untill about 10:00 or so, then fish from noon on!:big_smile: A fella could also change it up and fish from daylight untill noon or so and then hunt the afternoon from 2:00 till dark!:big_smile: It all depends on your "stamina"!:smile2: It would be easier to do this if you kill a Monster buck first thing Sat. morning then you have ALL day Sunday to do whatever!:big_smile: