Best time of year?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Philiagorillia, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Ok guys, i've sorta been wondering this and i know everyone has thier own opinions on this topic as well. But what i wanna know is, when is the best time of year to start going after cats in lakes and small ponds. I dont like to fish in the cold weather either, i was sorta figuring march is a good starting time to go or at least start hunting for potential hot spots on the lakes. And also, is it too early for me to start chumming the waters where i am gonna fish now if i am gonna start fishing in march or april?
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    south carolina
    what is your water temps right now. you can start chumming, but you would need to do it every couple of days. that way the kitties get used to being fed there and will remain in the area. typically April is my favorite time, as soon as the water temps hit 55, i start fishing for them hard core. hope this helps a little.

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    What Joey said is a good rule to go by.

    I fish the same place, bite or no bite. Its a small lake lot, woods, trails, nice bank on the open water and a 100 yards to my right is a nice cove.
    When the worms start showing up under leaves in my area, which is around end of March , first of April, May, they get big and catfish love the worms, that is when I start having the best luck. its bout the same time bream start biting real good around the bank area. I'll catch a few of them for fun, maybe some for bait and will eat em too. I mostly fish for eaters ( channels ).