Best time fishing last summer, didnt catch anything but...

Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by SubnetZero, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. SubnetZero

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    Sherman IL
    Last Summer, my 5 year old son expressed alot of interest in "going fishing like Dad"... Well, only took him to ask me once hehe and we headed down to the neighborhood pond. I've caught some pretty nice channels out of it and there are some big bluegills in it.. Thats all I new of being in there..

    I figure I'd set him up and let him catch some bluegills and I could use em for bait... I put a bobber on, hook, worm, let em throw it out ( he'd been practicing for hours in the yard day before) and waited for the magic.....

    Bobber sunk, he started reeling, was a really light pole, and thing started bending in half .. I was thinking, man thats some gill he's hooked into...
    He reeling/grunting/giggling/yelling for help all at once hehe.... I stood close, made sure his tip stayed up, but let him do all the fighting..

    He landed it and it was really nice bass ( a whale to him).... The rest of the week he told everyone how he outfished dad, etc. etc.
    The excitement, joy, and million dollar smile on his face made it the best day of fishing i've ever had...
    He ended up catching several nices that day, and trips since then. Whenever we go, I think im getting bait, he pulls in bass heh.. He's caught em on bobber, the bottom, middle of pond, edge,... doesnt seem to matter...
    Guess im going to have to get him into a tourney..

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  2. ejones1961

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    sounds like a great day!

  3. flathunter

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    Enjoy him now, in just a few short years if he is like my son he will discover girls..And ole dad will be forgotten...I had alot of fun fishing with my son untill he turned 15;)
  4. TA2D

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    I can't wait to get my oldest into a mess of gils, he is 2 1/2 and has expressed an interest in fishing for over a year now! Took him once last year and I hooked a bluegil on there for him and he then proceeded to take the bluegil for a walk over to suddawg and back to me multiple times, when he was done there wasn't enough left for cutbait!

  5. delawareriver

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    bath pa
    wow thats awesome! keep up the good work! everytime i see a kid like that so intersted in fishing its awesome.

    almost reminds me of me (fishing as long as i remeber and was always disapointed when my dad couldnt take me fishing but then again i asked everyday no matter the weather and time of day) but i was privlidged to take my newphew fishing for the first time caught him a few sunnies and bass or two like that he loved it.
  6. photocat

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    Good job getting another youth hooked on fishing. I wish there were more parents out there like that. Excelent job :) :) :)
  7. cook

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    Nothing I can add,the pics says it all.

    I love my digital camera,5 grandchildren and thousands of pics.look at them often.
  8. TDawgNOk

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    awesome day, very awesome day!!!

    It will be a moment he will remember for a very long time!!!