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Discussion in 'Gateway Catfishing Club' started by poopdeck [patrick], Feb 20, 2009.

  1. poopdeck [patrick]

    poopdeck [patrick] New Member

    ofallon il
    Looking for a good spot light for night fishing. Any one know if a good product that will last and not break me?
  2. catfish kenny

    catfish kenny New Member

    My camera and me aint getting long but goto harbor freight they have a 10 mil powered(I Think CRS) hand held ...oarnge..I have found these to werk prety good..If I rember right there under 30 ya catch em on sale this one I have is bout three yrs old but I am on my fith er sixth some were fortunes of venture breakage(LOL)They dont float and they aint er hard on em too :crazy::smile2:

  3. GaryF

    GaryF New Member

    O.P., KS
    I'm gonna suggest one of the cheapie $10-$20 ones labeled for marine use. They at least have some water resistance, and if you do break it, it's no big deal to replace. All of the spotlights are heavy and may break when dropped. Most have little or no water resistance.
  4. Kutter

    Kutter New Member

    Arnold, MO
    After using several styles & mega candlepower, I now rarely if ever get them out of storage. Turns out those silly folks that told me I could see better without the lights, were right.
  5. fishnfwl

    fishnfwl New Member

    South Cent
    I have a Brinkman Q-Beam Max Million II, $50, comes with, a red-blue-and green lens cover, and you can mount it from bottom if ya want to a rod holder. 2 batteries and a charger that you can wire into your boat so you always have one on the ready. Have had no problems with it in 3 years and it isn't treated very well. But if you wanting it for running at night, your better off mounting a couple running lights up front some where.IMO

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