Best sight for a bow?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by kkyyoottee, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. kkyyoottee

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    I am thinking of changing sights this year on my bow. I currently just use a cheapy pin sight set for 10 15 20 yards. Has anyone had any experience with those pendalum sights? They are suppose to compensate for shooting angles. Thanks!!
  2. jpn

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    North Carolina
    I used a keller pen sight for years with my browning mirage. perfect sight for that bow the new one i just couldn't get it together. the keller works great from a tree stand as far as 50 yards but from the ground you have to lock it in position on the second notch trying to remember to unlock it when you get into your stand and big boy comes in while you are lifting your bow is another subject but i can't ever say the sight let me down good choice for a sight.

  3. Big Dav

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    I tried several different sights for my Hoyt Pro tech and the one I stuck with was the trophy ridge guide series matrix. It is not a pendulum but I figured a pendulum would hurt me more than it would help. I heard bad things about them when using them on different contours. :confused2: That may be the case but it may not be the case. I have not tried one for myself.
    I am no expert but I have been in archery for several years and I have found a good site that works for me but it may not work for you. Trust me I bout several before I went to a good pro shop and got quality help. Try a good pro shop and see if they might mount up a couple of different sights for you and let you try them. That is what I did to find a good choice for me.
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    in reality you dont have to compensate for any angle shooting from a tree stand.since they are elevated most hunters have a hard time guessing the true far the deer is from the base of your tree is where you need to be aiming, if a deer is twenty yards from the base of your tree use twenty yard pin,no hold over no hold under.once i figured this out all pendulum type sights were not needed.
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    I have to go with Jeff on this one. I personally would not invest in a pendulum site. In most cases you only have 1 pin. I get my sights caught on vines all of the time. If you are moving back and forth, lets say trying to get a shot or "buck fever", the pendulum has got to move too. What about an upward shot. The fact is, that it doesn't matter the angle you are shooting. Unless you are shooting straight up. Which I would never condone. Gravity will pull your arrow toward the ground the same distance in the same amount of time. Gravity could care less what angle its at. I use a Hoyt micro adjust sight (fiber optic). But I don't use the factory pins that come with a sight. I replace them with Cobra TKO pins. They are made of steel not plastic, like some others. Good luck with your decision.