Best place to stock up on bluegills at Pleasant

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARIZONA TALK' started by JNHoffman57, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. JNHoffman57

    JNHoffman57 New Member

    Where do you all go and have the best luck catching numbers of bluegill for bait? I heard the boatdocks are top notch, but is there anywhere else that sticks out about the rest up in the north end??

  2. AZflats

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    Peoria, Arizona
    I have done pretty well along the rock cliff in the aqua fria...

    * But the last time i went, the water was near 70-80%.. I bet that area is all dry now... (not sure)

    ** I also like to find a cove and chum the area up with bits and pieces of crawlers.. Drop several lines down near the bottom and watch for the bites.. My brother caught a huge red ear last year... It was around 13 inches..