Best outing of the year

Discussion in 'IOWA RIVERS TALK' started by oldstylelight, Aug 9, 2007.

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    We been doing well on the mississippi recently, but last night just topped them all. After work, was on the pontoon at 6:00 pm... Fished until 8:15.. The bite was unbelievable from 6 to 7 right before a big rain front was coming up from the south on us. Caught about 12 channels for a conservative 45# in one hour. 3 fish went 6-7.5 or so, all the rest were almost identical 3-4# fish. Nothing smaller. was excellent. all fish are swimming to go another day unless they run into the commercial fishermans hoop nets that are scattered in the pool. That hour of fishing is one of the reasons why we fish for cats. Especially after the many outings that are not near as productive. Good fishin to ya'll. (sorry, mike been doing very little trollin this year, but using real bait!)