Best Of Both Worlds

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by capt.kirk, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. capt.kirk

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    I beleive i have the best of both worlds as far as fishing some of you
    already know i live on 1 of 6 brackish water canals in a retirement community.
    our water is supplied thru 2 huge tubes from the cottee river which flows to
    the gulf,it comes in and forms a lake type area of about 75 acres.all of our
    canals come off of that area,we have tides in and out just like the
    not sure but i think we are at least 75% fresh far as fish go we
    have most everything that swims in the gulf,add to that large mouth bass
    channel cats-black cats-some of the largest blue gill and red ear i have
    ever seen plus some things i havent caught yet,includingTHAT SABER TOOTH
    CAT :D the only thing that has not adapted to this water is crappie,well i
    guess i cant have it all.the rule here is up to 12 foot boats with electric
    motors only which keeps it cleaner and quiet,no place for the public to should see the tackle i carry when i go out,i try to be prepared
    for anything.public fishing is by invation only.if this is not the best of both
    worlds,i dont know what is.
    KIRK :D
  2. willisjj

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    Wow, I envy you. Sound like you are set up! I guess there is not enough salt in that water to bother the freshwater fish, but enough so that the saltwater fish can survive? Can't beat that deal especially living right there next to it. Its like having your own private lake.

  3. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    you are right, it is like haveing my own lake,i can see the cat tails and water
    from where im setting now.i have some age on me but there are some really
    old folks living here,and there are only about 6 to8 people ever fish it.we
    had 2 wishes when we moved here from indiana,i wanted to be on the water,
    and she wanted a palm tree in the front yard,we just happened to be in the
    right place at the right time,but i still miss the rivers and lakes back home.its
    like i told you when you said you were going home,THERE AINT NO PLACE
    KIRK :)
  4. willisjj

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    Thats true Kirk, the thing about home. There is also that saying that "you can never go home" or something to that effect. I know thats also true in a way. I was gone for 10 years while in the military, couldn't wait to get out and move home. Well, it was still Oklahoma of course, but what I was waiting to move back to wasn't there, everything had changed, family and friends had moved away or died, my grandparents were a whole lot older, there was a new Wal-Mart, etc. Well, I am elated to be going back now as I love Oklahoma, but I am going with different expectations and a slightly different area than I grew up in. I will make it home for my kids and start taking on the role my parents and grandparent had back then. Its a big cycle and things change. I am happy yall are set up so nice down there and no matter where you move or if you are happy or sad, you will always miss the place you grew up in. Anyway, sounds like you have the place to yourself pretty much and its probably nice and quiet too with nothing but electric motors being allowed. Talk to you later!
  5. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    capt.'ve got it made man, Saltwater fish and freshwater fish all at the same time. Im jealous...... :glare: :glare: :p :D

    You looking for a room-mate ?.......LOL....... :D
  6. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    if you ever get a chance to get to my area,just let me know,ill take you fishing,and give you a bed for a while,if you eat like my grandsons do
  7. Bobpaul

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    Supply NC
    Yeah Kirk you've got it made, and lived long enough to deserve it.

    I had much of what you've got, but more people, when I lived in Cocoa.

    The Indian river, which has some of the best redfishing to be had anywhere and the St John's river just 10 miles inland for those big bluegill and monster crappie, along with the catfish.

    One boat did it all.
  8. Katmaster Jr.

    Katmaster Jr. New Member

    Wilmington, NC
    Capt. Kirk, appreciate that. I'll bring my own grocies..LOL... :p :D :D

    good luck :)