Best lures for large pike?

Discussion in 'Northern Pike Fishing' started by whiskerchaser, Jul 25, 2006.

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    New Mexico
    Ok i need some help there is a lake maybe 30 miles from me that has some huge pike state record was caught there. anyway what would be the best lures to use for large pike? and what would be a good setup for about $50?
    O and I need a good spinning reel cuz baitcasters I can cast but I really dont like to use them with lures cuz i get backlashes after a while. so spinning reels only thanks. also what kinda line and what pole?
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    ok so a great lure and is is any kind of spoon or a smal sspinner tip the end with a night crawler u get some walleye too a good spinning reel is the shimano sahara set of reels so i say 15 pound test and a wire leader a bout 15 also good lick dont get bit

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    Ithaca, MI
    Brother, I catch pike all the time. Sometimes big boys too.

    Whatever big rod you have for cats is fine for pike. you're all set there. I use thre same stiff-back rod for pike and shimano corsair 400 reel as I do for cats. Im a baitcaster fan and I bought the reel for pike and started using it on cats when I got into that.

    two ways to do it:

    If the weather is HOT and you have a boat, use a super shad rap and troll at a fast clip- 5-7kph. It sounds silly but they really really strike well in hot weather this time of year when the bait is presented aggressively.

    USE A LEADER- 12 incher is fine. 30 lbs recommended.

    If you have an overcast day then do the same thing with a mepps #5, mepps Agilia, or Mepps Musky Killer, with a decent split shot in front of of the leader.

    Live bait does work good with a big bobber but there is always a chance youre gonna get lil guys using it. Big baits big fish... remember that.

    IF you are casting them use the mepps. I find a black and yellow pattern works well for me in as much as consistency, but feel free to try all colors.

    ANOTHER OPTION if you can find one is a 3 oz red and white daredevile spoon. troll with it the same way.

    AS FOR PLACEMENT: If you are allowed 3 rods, put one out port side, one out starboard side and one about 10 feet off of your prop wash. You might find as many do in michigan that the best fishing is in your prop wash- WHY? Conditioning. If an area is fished often, then pike know the vortices produced by a prop will cause temporary loss of control for smaller baitfish and will target the whirling water because their prey gets disollusioned. Many trophy pike and musky have been caught in just this way. Believe me.

    If you only can use two or one, maje sure one is in the wash.