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  1. ole whiskers

    ole whiskers Guest

    What is the best lake for catfishing near Shreveport?
  2. randallewis

    randallewis New Member

    Louisiana --Shreveport
    I prefer Toledo Bend but there a lot of good lakes around Shreveport.

  3. wareagle

    wareagle New Member

    I agree with that. Toledo Bend:smile2:
  4. farmerdan

    farmerdan New Member

    Haughton, Louisiana
    Toledo Ole Whiskers is the best cat lake around.
    Get on 171 South of Shreveport,
    Go through Mansfield,
    take a left on 481 ( Be careful because it is very curvy)
    As soon as 481 hits 191 go South about 8 to 10 miles to Converse,
    take a right to go into State park # 4.
    Be Careful and stay very close to the West of the Boeys.
    Watch out for the stumps if you take the second left. they are in the boat road...As a matter of fact...Just keep your speed down until you reach the deep water.
    Fish out in the stumps and you will fill your live well. Throw what you don't want back so you don't have to clean too many...My back gets sore when i have to clean 30 or more...
    Good luck and I will see you out there this weekend....I'll be in the fisher 180 with a 115 Merc optimax...