best lake in louisiana to fish at?

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  1. melstangman1967

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    where do u think the best lake in lousiana to fish and where u had the most luck
  2. StuBone278

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    south central Louisiana
    Man, honestly I wish I knew for sure and from experience, but as far as my freshwater fishing goes I like rivers a lot more as they are more predictable. I will go out on a whim and say Caddo Lake and Toledo Bend are the best, although I haven't ever fished them before. I have had my best "luck" at False River and Old River! Both oxbows of the Mississippi. (False River is loaded with boats, though, not a very quiet place)

  3. redfishman

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    South Louisiana
    Being from South Louisiana I don't frequent many "classic" lakes. Whether it is Freshwater-marsh-or- saltwater they are all connected by a maize of bayous-canals-rivers-pipeline cuts-and unnamed waterways.

    Freshwater- I prefer the Lake Verret/Belle River water shed. It's large cypress stands create great habits for bream/catfish/sac-a-lait. It's classic Louisiana at its best-. Gators-big gators abound- bald eagles nesting- with otter-beaver-nutria. If you are throwing spinnerbaits around cypress knees you have to be careful for overhanging limbs because they often have "balls' of snakes sunning themselves. Not to far you can run down into Grassy Lake and Lake Palourde(15-18 miles) where bass fishing is superb. A little farther south the water begins transition where you can catch Redfish-Flounder-Gafftop catfish.
    This area is close to Morgan city/Pierre Part in Assumption Parish.If you ever go to Pierre Part you need to stop at the Pierre Part Store. It's humble beginnings started as a "General" store. Inside, you can buy slat -turtle-crawfish traps and every kind of net imaginable -including shrimp trawls. If you want a statue of a patron saint-they have it.

    A unique characteristic of this area is it independent of the levels and conditions of the "Spillway"(Atchafalaya Basin) and the Mississippi River.
    It's a great place just to boat ride and explore- but It would be extremely advisable to have a mapping GPS and VHF. There are at least 10-15 landings to access the area.
    Marsh and Saltwater (my passion) is another book in itself.
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    Gary Texas
    I would have to say Toledo Bend, if we do not count this year.
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    Toledo Bend, The lake is so big that sumwhere the fish are biting....And the roads go all the way around it so's it is really accesible......