Best Headlamp ???

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    Who makes the best .... most powerful head lamp ?? It would be nice to have something with enough power to move a boat around at night without having to use a spotlight .
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    A headlamp that is that powerful will probably have to be one of those coon hunting head lamps. You don't want to be out there motoring around with one that is not strong enough to see all obstructions.

    I use a LED headlamp that I got a Wal Mart for about 15.00. I like it fine. It has a spot beam, wide angle/flood beam, and a red LED light. It only uses 3 AAA batteries to run it and one set of batteries is suppose to last around 48 hrs. I only use mine to see what I am doing inside the boat such as retying line and hooks, or baiting my hooks.

    Hope this helps.

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    Headlamps tend to be less bright than handheld lights, in part because of battery weight and safety concerns of having a big battery mounted next to a persons head.

    Suggestions…. Cabelas sells a couple of really bright headlamps, the Western Rivers Mighty Max and the Cabelas Fowlproof. The Western Rivers headlamp has a rechargeable battery pack that straps to your belt, the Cabelas has a rechargeable headband mounted battery pack. The Cabelas headlamp is super bright, but it’s a more of a floodlight beam than a spotlight, while the Western Rivers light has an adjustable beam. Both of these are similar to the coon hunting lights that Kevin mentioned in the previous post.

    Moving down a notch in brightness, the Black Diamond Icon is pretty good, and will run off AA batteries, or it also has a rechargeable pack available. The Princton Tec Apex is another really good light, as is the Petzl MYO XP E83P2.

    My only other advice is to avoid lamps that use AAA batteries. Those are fine for in the boat tasks, but simple physics are that an AA battery contains about 3 times the energy of a AAA, and lights that use AAA batteries are going to compromise either brightness or runtime compared to a similar AA battery based light.

    I pretty much use a cheapie RayOVac headlamp in the boat, but when I want more light I switch to a Black Diamond Zenix IQ, which has been discontinued but is similar to the Black Diamond Icon. I still use a spotlight when I really need to light stuff up.