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    I live and die by the Virginia Wildlife Calendars. Every year I get questions on where to buy them. I just sent one of our brothers from PA a message with the link Information. Thought others might want one also.

    Help support our Broke Game Commission. These calendars make fantastic Christmas Presents. I always give one to my no account brothers :wink:.

    I did a cut and paste of my answer. Y'all go catchem up.

    Originally Posted by FTL6
    I see you refer to a Va Wildlife Calendar, where may one find such a thing.

    A lot of the Sporting Goods stores sell them here. Green Top does as does the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries at their main office on Broad Street in Richmond which is where I get mine. They are $10.

    The main website page for the Game commission is www.dgif.virginia/index.asp
    Scroll down the page and you get to some orange print and box. Click on that , its the online store. When the next page pops up, a link to calendars is on the left.

    I always buy four. One for me and each of my brothers. He are all hunting and fishing fools.

    Almost every day has something cool about Va wildlife going on. ex Arrival of first Hummingbirds, Stripers starting to Spawn. etc etc. The month pictures are kick azz good.

    Good luck. Let me know if you have any trouble finding the link. Best $10 I ever spend.
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