Best Fishing Pontoon?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by miichael, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. miichael

    miichael New Member

    North Carolina
    Hey guys I been looking for a pontoon for a while now. I want at least a 20ft but no bigger than 24ft. Want to use it mainly for fishing. needs to have a live well for keeping my bait fish alive and i want to have access to all 4 corners with swivel chairs. The only one i really found that i like is the G3 Sun Catcher. What do you guys think of these boats? are they good?
  2. fishnfool68

    fishnfool68 New Member

    Near Tulsa Oklahoma
    My favorite pontoons are the old flat decks with the rail all around with the driver's seat being the only seat.I like the fact you can set your lawn chairs(yes I'm a reneck) where you like ,and pop up a tent for cover while winter fishing.The versitility is what draws me to this simple open design.My in-laws have one and man it seems you always have plenty of room to do what ever you wish.Though I do like the suncatcher you have here,for the open corners w/chairs,as well as the placement of the canopy,leaves plenty of room to work a fish from the back of the boat.

  3. oldprowler

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    Mannford, Oklahoma
    I have that exact same model only a couple years older. I have taken the seats off leaving me with the "couch" and console seat. The live wells (bait tanks) are of an adequate size and design that you can keep almost any bait alive. Shad don't do well in them though a couple hours and they are mostly dead.

    My pontoon has the 40 Yamaha 2 stroke. Top speed with 3 people aboard and all equipment is 17 GPS checked. I did not buy it with the 40 for speed but rather for comfort and fuel econemy.

    Since buying my boat, I have been to several boat shows and looked at all the pontoons on display. I still have not found another one that provides the same amount of fishing room with the same amount of modifications required. In short I would not trade my G3 for any other pontoon out there.
  4. troyedm

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    edmond oklahoma
    we have a tracker 24 fishing barge. modified it a little, although it had ample room prior. ours is a 2000 yr model. it came with live well and fishing chairs in four corners. we love it. they make a 21 footer. we bought the upgrade motor 90hp elpt 4 stroke. no speed demon, but will get us around at about 21 by gps. they are available from bass pro.
  5. mudkip

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    I have heard the tri toons with the foam filled pontoons are the way to go. But you know they cost a lot. G3 makes a good boat. Are the toons foam filled? I have to admit, I have considered getting a toon many times but I think my wife will leave if I get another boat.:lol:
  6. dataman

    dataman New Member

    I have a 2006 Premier explorer 221RE---22feet overall length,deck is 20ft. The width is 8.5ft. I had vinyl installed from console forward which makes clean-up much easier. I have a 90 honda motor and I am very pleased with this rig. The 30 gal fuel tank is in the rear fishing center, so I can pour gas in standing up (handy for us older guys). The live well is also in the fishing center.I set a lot of jugs and this boat is great for me with plenty of work room in the front with seats removed.
  7. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    I know one not to get for fishing is the Tracker Party Barge, they are great for family, but I can tell we will not be able to fish off of it by so good.
  8. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    If I was gonna buy a pontoon just for fishing, I would buy a used one and gut what I needed to so that I could modify it to my needs. I would be a LOT cheaper, and you would have what you want.
  9. jerry9497

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    Tobaccoville NC
    I agree with Wyliecat, if you buy a used pontoon with solid motor, maybe rotton seats, rest of changes easy. I restored my party barge for fishing, $700 for decking & carpet, and its ready to fish. then it's up to you what goes on it. I spent another $1000 on livewell, fishfinder front/ rear trolling motor, etc. I use deck chairs or whatever, they fold up and go in bag. you know the type. New boat would get slimed also. either way it great having that room to move.
  10. F150Catfish

    F150Catfish New Member

    yea my grandpa own one pontoon, it's great for fishing! well I own 14feet jon boat but it still great.
  11. Big Eli

    Big Eli New Member

    Ohio, Clifton
    I bought a new 20' Sun Chaser by Smoker Craft lats year. Model 820-4, 4 corner fishing chairs, livewell and 26 gallon on-board fuel tank. It also has a changeing room that I put a porta poty in. Now when I take the lady fishers out they have a place to squat in private. They love it and every time they come out I get a big giant hug and kiss!!!!! The only thing I would do different is NO CARPET!!!!! If you order it speifie vinal.

    My 2 cents.
  12. SkiMax

    SkiMax Well-Known Member

    Rising Sun, IN
    I saw a new pontoon at a boat show the other day with a 225 Mercy 4-stroke on it. It was a 22 footer. It was absolutely crazy, i bet that thing would fly! My friend has a sun tracker and we catfish out of it occasionally. real nice boat once you get set up, could sit there for hours! We used it in a local tournament once and we put a horse trough in it, kept our cats healthy all night long.
  13. catmankev

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    Valmeyer, Illinois
    Check out Bentley pontoons. They carpet and vinyl floor (all vinyl or vinyl in the fishing areas). Bait station w/washdown hose. Nice feature! Fairly reasonably priced.
  14. Koon

    Koon New Member

    Too me and this is just my opinion... a center console is a must. This way you can fish around the railing. Personlly I just purchased a 1989 bass buggy DL with a 50hp. It has an aluminum floor which is a bonus. Going to do a total rebuild and fit this out for fishing. No permanent pontoon furnature. Going to have a nice 30-40 gal bait tank and 60 gal livewell. NO CARPET either... either tuff coat or a spray on bedliner, non slip of course.
  15. crazy

    crazy New Member

    Kansas CIty, MO
    If you just want room to fish and don't care about getting into tight areas. Then the toon is for you. We have a 24 foot toon that we got used and re did it. Just put a brand new 9.9 4 stroke on it last summer. 10hp max limit on the lake I live on. But the cattin is good as it gets.