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    What do you use for dough balls? I use smashed cheerios, sugar, flour, vannilla and water. It works great too. but i want a different recipe aimed more towards cats. Thanks
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    I have a really stinky one but it does catch catfish. here it is also their is two recipes the other is just under the other.The second is from someone else on the board so give them the credit not me and the first one is mine though.

    Monster Catfish Bait

    1. 1 carton of Limburger Cheese
    2. 1/2 pound of ground hamburger meat
    3. Regular Corn Flakes (for thickener)
    4. 1/2 can of any kind of beer
    5. Garlic powder
    6. Chicken liver blood (only the blood in one or two large containers)
    7. (SECRET INGREDIENT) 1 can of Long cut Copenhagen

    Mixing Instructions:
    In a large bowl mix limburger cheese and ground hamburger together.
    Then add just enough garlic powder to cover the meat.
    Add beer and chicken liver blood.
    Add Copenhagen and stir together. Mixture will be too thin to stay on the
    hook at this point so start mixing in dry corn flakes until it stiffens up nicely.
    Dump entire mixture into a can or bowl with a lid (I use an empty coffee can).
    Set aside at least 3 days before going fishing. Use a treble hook with a small spring wound around the shaft or cut a small square from gauze or
    used panty hose, put a big lump of bait in it and tie the ends to make a ball.
    Cast out with some weight to keep it on the bottom and HOLD ON FOR THE BIG ONE!

    Here's the recipe below:
    1-2 frozen shad
    20 chicken livers
    2 tbsp garlic salt or powder
    1-2 cups of Wheaties more for thicker bait
    Blend the shad and livers in a blender or food processor. Poor in to a bowl. Mix in the garlic for about 5 minutes. Take the Wheaties and put in a one gallon size ziplock bag and crush them in the bag. Pour into the liver and shad mix. Mix it up for 5 minutes. Put in peanut butter jars and freeze or put in the refrigerater.
    Good Luck.

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    Man if that don't catch em nothing will
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    Next time I use home made dough balls I think I may just take some Shad, stick it in a blender, and mix it with chicken blood and lots of corn meal and flour and see how well that holds up.