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    took my boys fishin today codylee is 11 wesley is 12 we went to rising sun indiana launched from arnolds creek at 6pm cast net shad went up river to the island the boys layed on the front deck they love it when the boat bounces and water splashes in their face there was plenty of wake before dark skiers and partiers out every where took them up and around the island fished a little on the way had some good bites but couldnt hook up so returned to arnolds creek for fresh bait at 9pm anckerd at the mouth in 50 foot cause i marked a fish at 48 foot put live shad on all the poles my shad were 6 to 12 inches caught a nice flatty bout 12 lb got home at 1am went to the pond to release the remaining shad and the flatty there was still 8 shad alive flatty layed there for awhile we watched and waited for him to swim off after 20 min no movement boys asked if they could catch frogs they tried walkin round bank and sneekin up on them to no avail so desided they wanted to swim well codylee doesnt know how so he went and got their life jackets while wesley stripped they said they never been skinny dippin before had to talk them into it lol they swam, bout 10min got the best of me so i joined them 3 naked men in the water lol i took my socks and mag light in hand they watched in pure amazement as i snuck up on a huge 14" frog on my belly and snatched him up like a snake striking they said put him in one sock head first lol then they had to try so off wesley went i held the light as close to the frog as i could and whispered to hoax wesley to it for those who dont know the light blinds them to the dark wesley tried to catch it but missed so codylee tried another and missed too finally got wesley moving fast enuf that he caught 4 nice ones codylee missed but had fun trying we ended up with 14 they swam for awhile longer then we cleaned the frogs they where big enuf i took front legs too the boys each cleaned a frog there self after watchin me (cut thru the crease of the leg till you hit the back bone then turn south and pop the hip bone out of the socket and cut the leg from the pelvis then skin the leg like pullin off a sock then cut toe nails off ) they got showers and got in bed at 5am man will they sleep good lol wore me out putin up with them today but wouldnt have missed it for the world and the best part is i now have another flatty(he finally swam off when wesley tried to catch him) in the pond thats two ive put in there told codylee not to worry that sunday night we'd gig it they've never done that yet either lol should be fun well its 6:15 am and im finaly going to bed good luck to all and remember teach yer youngins they will pass it on and they'll always remember who taught them