Best Catfish Recipes

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    north carolina
    I was wondering what everyone's favorite recipe was for there catfish fry's. Here is mine.

    First i soak the meat over night in whole milk. Then i prepare my batter like this:

    2 cups yellow cornmeal
    2 1/4 teaspoons salt
    1 teaspoon black pepper
    1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
    Whole milk until pastey

    Then i dredge fillets and let sit for a bit then fry in vegetable oil until done. then i rub a butter stick across then after i pull em out.

    I think this was called Louisiana style. I fry my hush puppy's up as a side. i use my garden peaches & cream corn in the recipe. Em-Em Good.
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    heck sounds good to me fella

  3. Catcaller

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    Take a thinly sliced fish preference is a flathead, crappie, or walleye...and wrap it around a garden bananna or jalapeno pepper.

    Use a toothpick or two to hold it all in place.

    Wet the contraption under the faucet...and then roll it in your preferred dry batter.

    Place them into preheated 350 degree Canola oil...and deep fry until golden brown.

    Season to taste.

    I prefer a blend of cajun, smokehouse ground black pepper, lemon-pepper, celery, onion, garlic, and parsley.

    I premix all of these individual spices together...and it is right tasty.

    Add a dash or three of Tabasco right before you eat it...don't forget to remove the

    Have a cold beer nearby...the salt and the heat will make a guy awfully thirsty. :wink:
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    Little Rock, AR
    Actually, we've got 3 recipes that are favorites. For old-fashioned style cooking, we simply mix some spices, like Tony Chachere's, in with yellow corn meal, roll the fillets in the meal, and deep fry. When we prefer a batter fried fish, we mix beer and Bisquick to make the batter, roll the fillet in flour, dredge in the batter, and deep fry. Thick batter makes a heavy crust, thin batter makes a light crust. Then there's broiled catfish. Salt & spice the fillets to taste, lay them on a broiler pan, then spread a 1/4" - 3/8" thick layer of mayonnaise over the fillet. Place the pan in the oven as far away from the broiler heat as possible and broil till the mayonnaise starts to turn dark brown. Check the fillet to see if it's done; if not, switch the oven to bake and continue cooking at 350 till the fillets flake easily with a fork when tested.
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    Ole 50/50 cornmeal & flour never go wrong there but shoot theres so many good recipees out there I cant call just one(LOL):crazy:If yer camping roll a fillet up in tinfiol and butter...toss it on them hot coals & when done talk to me (LOL) How ya just gonna pick one(LOL):wink:
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    Take a bag of pretzel,s grind them up to a powder , take your filets and coat them good , then deep fry. For a little twist brush a little mustard on them before coating. Like Andy Griffith always said "UMMMM UMMM GOOD"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!