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  1. vinnie

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    I am still fairly new at catfishing. What is the best hooks to use and what size? What kind of line should I be using?
    Im curently using Stren HiVis Gold 12#test, and Eagle Claw 2/0 baitholder.
    Also, am I posting this question in the right part of the forum, or is there a better place to submit this question for more responses?

  2. Mickey

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    Dayle the answer to your question depends on the equipment you are useing, Spinning or baitcasting. The type of bait you are useing. Live or cut bait. And the size of fish you are targeting. Give us some more info. Also, check out the BOC library. Lots of info in there. You can pm me if you like and I will try to be of help.:big_smile:

  3. vinnie

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    I have a spinning reel, and I usualy dont catch anything over 3 lbs. I use nightcrawlers, and shrimp. But I want to know how to target big cats. I fish in a local pit, and know that there are big cats in there, but I think hardly nobody catches them, because they are targeting smaller cats as well.
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    Dear Brother Dale;
    First of all, WELCOME ABOARD! :big_smile:
    Brother Craig is totally right in what he is saying about your equipment, technique, ect.
    Also, I know for a fact that Brother Crag will do his very best to help you out and get you started in the right direction! If by the remotest of chances he does not know the answers to your questions he certainly knows where to go to get the help that you need with the best answers you can get for your questions. He is a GOOD man and will make sure your "start" with the BOC will get off to a smooth and enjoyable beginning!:big_smile:
    We have members that use anything from Ultralight setups with worms to very heavy Fresh and light to medium Saltwater equipment with baits as large as several ounces with sinkers weighing up to and over 8 oz and every combination in-between!
    If you will tell us {any BOC Brother or Sister} the area your fishing in, what time of year, or all year, your fishing at, what species and size fish your wanting to catch, your preferences as to Baitcasters or Spinning reels, or something different such as Fly Rods, ect.
    In short, give us as much information as you can and we will do our best to help you out to the best of our knowledge and abilities!:wink:
    In addition to the "Welcome Aboard" let me also add that you should never be afraid to ask a question about fishing, or any of the other many subjects that are covered in our site! Any of our members no matter if male or female, will be GLAD to do the best they can to help you out just for the asking. In fact, you will more likely find yourself overwhelmed with the multitude, variety, and volume of answers you will receive!:big_smile: But DON'T let it overwhelm you!! That's just our way of helping each other out. Many of the suggestions might not work out for you in your particular circumstances but I am betting that just as many, if not more, WILL work for you.
    I am also betting that there is someone that is not to far away from you that is a BOC member and would be happy to "take you along" on a fishing trip sometime, especially if you visit one of the "Gatherings" that you can find listed on our site.
    As to the matter of posting on the right page?, well, look at all the different Fishing Posts we have, including State by State, and local areas. In addition, any post you make is most likely, going to get "carried over" to other areas that will help you too.
    Well, I've said enough to get you confused again :smile2::wink: so I will close for now.
    Again, "Welcome Aboard" and here is hoping that all your Fishing dreams come true for ya! When they do, be sure to share that with us too!:big_smile: It gives us other folks hope when we are having a day of no catches!
    Yours Most Sincerely and Fraternally,
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  5. metalman

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    Ask 12 catfishermen what is the best hook and you will get at least 30 different answers. The same goes for the rest of your tackle!
    You are probably going to have to try a few to see what suits your particular circumstances You could go as basic as the Mustad 92671, or the Gamakastu Octopus, the Gamakatsu Octopus Circle or a Kahle design.
    There really is no right or wrong, it's up to you...W
  6. Dave53

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    Lonedell M
    A lot of it has to do with what you are fishing for and the equipment that you are fishing with. As you can see from my avatar I am no expert at catching monster cat fish but I'm trying. From these boards over the years I have learned several things that may help if you are just starting equipment to catch fish over the size you are an example don't go after 50# fish with a Zebco 33 with 12 pound line. Go to a heaver pole, line, and reel. Line is a preferance to many, I like using braided line with a 40 to 50 pound shock leader about 3 foot long. I also use a cork next to my hook to keep it off the bottom. The other thing is your bait. You can catch any size fish on any size bait from time to time but to catch large fish most of the brothers here use large bait or a bait that lives in the water you are fishing. I love Kahle hooks but I also use circles on poles that I set in front of my boat that can load and hook the fish without me. I prefer the kahles as I like to set the hook. Last year I caught a 26# blue but this year has been nothing but small ones..but they sure taste good!!! Hope some of this helps you get started.
  7. Gibbzilla

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    East Texas
    Try using cut baitfish on cajun red monofilament 17 lb and up. If you use braided line, try 20 and up Power Pro. With cut-bait, I like to use 6/0 Eagle Claw Kahle hooks, they've never let me down. After 30-40 minutes without a bite, chance pieces of bait and move your rig to another spot.

    If you're fishin for eating-size channels(1-4 lbs) try using a slip bobber rig with a 2/0 or 3/0 Kahle hook with nightcrawlers on it, with about 12-17 lb line. You can also get high numbers of channels with Danny King's punch bait on a treble hook, but I don't like usin the stinky stuff, people won't ride in my truck if I still have Danny King's smell in it. Haha

    If you're fishin for the big flatties, I like 40 and up Power Pro braided, and use live hand-sized baitfish on a 10/0 Eagle Claw King Kahle hook. When the baitfish dies, switch it out with another.
  8. vinnie

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    Thanks so much for all your suggestions!! I am eager to try some of this stuff. I will post any results I have to this thread, with pics, hopefully!?
    I welcome any other advice anyone has to offer. :)
  9. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    I with ya Dayle. Went to Bass Pro Shop the other night with hooks on the mind, and there was a whole aisle of them. Doesn't seem to be any standard to go by. Different metal composition, shank length, offsets, snelled hooks don't show what the leader strength you could hold two packages of different manufacturers same size, side by side & they are not the same size. More choices than ya can wrap yer brain around. Yer in good company. On another aisle I found hooks marked for catfish. Separate from the others, but why; I have no idea.
    I'll be following your thread.