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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by miichael, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. miichael

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    North Carolina
    What is the best type of catfish hook? Not asking about what size of hook i know that really depends on size of bait but what shape hooks are best?
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    Dear Miichael;
    I think you will find many folks use either a "Circle" style hook or a "Kahle" with some variations in each. Some use a "Wide Gap" variation and I personally like to use what is called an "Offset" version where the point of the hook is not directly in line with the shank of the hook.
    When I first got back into fishing, after being away for the better part of 40 years or so, one of the first things I found what How MUCH Everything Has Changed!!!:confused2: I had expected some change but .... GEEZUS!!! The variety was just, ... just Bewildering!!:waaaht:

    One thing I would suggest to you would be to scout out the area, or areas, your going to be fishing if your not familar with it or if your a bit unsure, would be to go visit the stores, sporting goods stores, Bait selling places, even at gas stations where bait, hooks, licenses, and other supplies are sold.
    Don't be afraid to ask the folks behind the counter what works or what they sell the most of for Catfishing. Find out what bait is sold the largest quantities for those "BIGGUNN'S".
    Ask those same people behind the counter what they would recommend, or where, they would recommend you go try your luck.
    After all, if you do get a good catch, your going to be back at that same place buying supplies, bait, ect, ect! And if you should be so lucky as to get a record you can bet that same store is going to want to notify the game officers, newspapers, TV, ect and get their photo taken with you standing beside your catch. That is some of the best "free" advertisement they can get.
    So you see, it's to their advanage to help you out as much as they can!
    If you will look in the archives of the BOC, you will find a lot of help to be had for just sitting down at the computer and doing a bit of research.
    You have already gotten off to a good start by asking the questions here in the BOC forums. :lol:
    Try asking this same questions on the BOC sites of other States too. This way, if you want, you can get an idea of what works in which part of the country. :smile2:
    I didn't mean to go overboard on ya. I hope some of this will help you out a bit more in addition to what I use myself.
    Some of the hooks available nowadays are starting to get into the $4-$5 and up range so I think your doing very well by asking your questions first here in the Forums!:)
    Oh, I don't use them at the moment but I used to use a large plain old style hook called an "O'SHAUGHNESSY" I believe is how it's spelled. I know that Eagle Claw has "upgraded" this hook style.
    I don't remember exactly, but they have made these hooks of heavier wire, they now use a differential heat treat with a new formula of steel, some of them are available in different colors, although for "Kitty's" I've yet to see that color of hooks makes a difference, especially to the larger "Cat's".
    So you might give them a look.
    There is a company, I think it's out of Japan, called, again I am not sure of the spelling, but I think it's called "Gamakatsu" that also makes their version of the ''Circle'' and ''Kahle" styles along with a couple of others that I am not familar with but have heard others talk about them and not just on our BOC site either!
    Sorry for being so long winded. I hope this helps you at least a little bit. It's the best I can give you from this end of things.:smile2:
    Take Care, Keep Looking Over The Posts and Threads, and Keep Asking Those Questions! :lol: There are a LOT of Brothers and Sisters here to help you out, all you have to do is ask! :big_smile:
    "Walk In Peace"
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  3. miichael

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    North Carolina
    That's what i been using a number 5/0 Eagle claw O'SHAUGHNESSY but reason i was asking i been setting limb lines and i been catching nothing but my bait is gone every time. With a number 5 hook even a couple pound fish should still get hooked. That's why i thought maybe there's a better style of hooks that will hook them better maybe the offset hooks or something. Thanks for the help.
  4. Arkansascatman777

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    Most people like either a kahle, circle or J hook. my personal favorite is a eagle claw nickle plated kahle in the 7/0. I also use the same hook on my jugs and they work O.K. if you want to stay with the 5/0 catfish connection sales the 5/0 nickle plated kahle for $4.95 for a box of 50 hooks. Hope that helps.
  5. tatersalad

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    Clover, SC
    I pretty much stick with 8/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Circles. Don't read too much into that tho', I'd check with folks who have had a lot more success.:embarassed:
    I would however say fish with something you have confidence in. Within reasonable choices, that will probably be the best hook for you.
  6. Fisher14

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    I agree with Mr. Salad! LOL!! Seriously, though, with setting limb lines, you'll want to do some research to see which hooks will set themselves, b/c the limb is not going to yank back and set the hook for you. The "off set" hook usually works pretty good, but so do many other styles. I personally use circle hooks, but I fish rod and reel 100% of the time, so I'm no expert with limb line fishing! Just wanted to share my thoughts! Good luck in trying to find the best solution!
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    west virginia
  8. master_cat

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    i use kahles for my rod and reel fishing hard to beat them but for limb lines jugs ect iv been using them eagle claw trot line hooks and been having a good hook up with them