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    Hey all, as most of you know me, SudDawg and CrayzeeCade go way back, heck the first time me and SudDawg met we were trying to catch a painted turtle, I don't know if we were older than 10, coincedentally this is the same spot on the lake that I landed my personal best cat!

    It may have been a year or two later that Shane moved and changed schools and we finally met and became real close friends. We were pretty much inseparable on summer vacation, I bet we would fish 5 if not 6 days a week at the local mud hole, we would try for the big fish, but usually only caught bluegils and sunfish or occasionally a bullhead. As time went on we tried to pursue bigger game, but always fell back on the bluegils, one time that sticks out in my mind is when me SudDawg and CrayzeeCade were fishing one afternoon and in just over an hour we caught 120-150 bluegils, we had a wire fish basket full of them. Then there were the occasional trips to Kirkman's Cove for my birthday or to go camping, never had great luck, but we were not very patient either. Once CrayzeeCade got his drivers licence it was on, we went fishing all over hell and back and being the bluegil slayers that we were thats about all we could catch. There was a nice farm pond we used to fish with bluegils the size of dinner plates and bass that were well over 5lbs caught my personal best there I would estimate the weight to be between 8-9 lbs.

    Fast forward a couple of years, and I decide to enlist into the United States Marine Corps, and Shane decides to go try the college thing, and Cade decides to go to tech-school and become a welder. I later found out that I was the inspiration for both of those bozos to enlist into the Air Force and Marine Corps respectivly. After we were all in keeping in touch got to be a little difficult, but thanks to email we kept in contact, I was the only one of the trio to not be sent to the mideast, I got out June 01, 2002. I know that Shane has been over there at least 5 times and Cade was over there once! After I got out I kept in good contact with Shane over the phone, and that really made his ex-wife mad!!! It got worse after they moved to Omaha from Maxwell AFB in Alabama, with Shane only 60 miles away, I made it up there quite a few times with Cade as my co-pilot. So now Shane will be back on Saturday and Cade has moved to California, for most of the summer I have had no fishing buddies so I have had to fly solo, til Saturday!!! I think that Cade will be back sometime this winter, maybe we can try for some blue cat on the Missouri river. Thanks for being there guys and anytime you need anything don't hesitate to ask!


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    Arron good friends it doesen't take but a few to fill the gap, I have only one friend and he is the best, I moved away almost 2 yearsago but we stil keep in touch and I have went back for a visit.

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    My dad has always said that if you have 1 good friend in your life your lucky .....I guess your very lucky .
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    I have 3 best friends. I married 1. The oldest friend (David) of the other 2 lives in GA and is my oldest daughters Godfather. The other who is like a sister to me lives in PA. Her hubby is also very close to Cleve & me & is our little one's Godfather. I talk to Elena almost daily. Thru the power of email I am able to correspond with David daily as well. (He has a ridiculous work schedule). Both of these people have seen me thru my divorce from my ex-husband, multiple surgeries & various other traumas. I couldn't have survived the time between my ex & when I met Cleve without them. I have been truly blessed to have had such people in my life.
    In March I lost the very best friend I ever had. My mom. Now she was definitely there thru thick & thin & was definitelythe best blessing anyone could have for 39+ years!
    I guess some of us get lucky & get more than 1 best friend

    In order to have a friend, you have to BE a friend!:big_smile:
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    its good that you have such good friends that liked to fish just as much as you do, i only really have one really good fishing friend but thats ok cuz we hunt and stuff together too!

    when i was up at my grandparents a couple weeks ago we tried kirkman's cove and all we really caught were a bunch of channels that you had to use panfish hooks to hook them with, tiny tiny things they were but they hit like a 2 pounder! lol, it was fun catchin all those little things but i wish they wouldve been bigger