Best battery for boat?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by NCCatter, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. NCCatter

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    North Carolina
    It's time for me to replace my boat batteries. What is the best one to replace these with, besides the $200 Optimas? I've heard the Exide batteries are good, but what are some others you've had experience with?
  2. crazy

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    Kansas CIty, MO
    Any AGM battery.

  3. mankind

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    ashland ky
    interstate all the way i have used them for years never failed me:wink:
  4. jasonminitruck

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    I run the everstarts from walmart. I've had them for 4 years without a problem yet. It's really more in the way that they are taken care of, and not about the name on the side of them. Thats just my opinion anyway.
  5. heyop_erator

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    A deep cycle marine with a group rate 31 or ask for a GR31 the battery will supply at least 20% more reserve. These are an M battery. Hope this helps,as I wish I would have checked before buying our new batteries,just like you are doing,it would have gotten us these instead. Happy shopping,Teri
  6. gdlocal10

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    The best batteries will have 120 amp hours , they are more expensive but they are better in the long run,
  7. thunt713

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    winfield m
    Interstate batteries seem to work good and seem to last and hold a good charge.:crazy:
  8. Pip

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    I've ran quite a few different battery's over the years. I pretty much only run deep cycle anymore. I also think a big key to any battery is keeping them fully charged. I've had mine setup with trickle chargers when they are parked here at home. It seems to have helped over time. I figure if I can get 3 to 5 years out of them they did there job and it's time to replace. Nothing worse then getting to the ramp or sitting out on the water and click click click, or nothing at all.
  9. Catfish Pursuit

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    I've also had good luck with the Wal-Mart Everstart marine batteries. I get the biggest most cranking amp ones they have and always keep them charged. Last one lasted 5 years of hard use so no complaints there. Chris
  10. Mr.T

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    I've got a pair of 31-class Cabela's "house brand" plain old lead-acid deep-cycle batteries in my ProCat 240. The actual battery might different from one Cabela's to the next; it happens that the ones I have are just a re-labeled battery made here in Kansas City by a major manufacturer (don't remember which one).

    Get a battery that has a good warranty, keep it fully charged all the time and go fishing. If it acts up, get it swapped out for a new one.

    Be sure to read and understand the date code on the battery - there's a sticker that tells you when the battery was made; don't buy one that's been sitting around for 6 months or a year, insist on a newly made one instead. The sticker reads something like "C9" which means March of 2009. A=Jan, L (or sometimes M) means December.
  11. Redneck in a Skiboat

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    South Caro
    I don't know if you're ever around Anderson, but you can get Marine Cranking or Car batteries for $30 and your old battery. Deep cycles are $35 with a swap. Merideth battery on West Whitner St., they go fast so call to make sure they have the one you want. They are seconds which means a cosmetic defect, but my boat don't care, niether does the fish, and my billfold likes it. I called yesterday and he had 5 Marine cranking batteries, but when I got there at lunch time today they were gone. I got a car battery and had to put the termnals with the studs on it. The termnals were $3.49 for the pair at AutoZone.
  12. bdporch

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    For trolling me and 3 of my friends all use bass pro deep cycle trolling 188 min reserve and they last all day with a 40 lb foot control on a 17ft tri hull fiberglass boat and i mean 8-10 hours all day. ......but for what its worth.... you can go to wal-mart buy the biggest cranking amps truck battery (usually for f550 ford) they have free replacement for 4 years where a marine battery only has a 90 day warranty. my friend works in walmart automotive thats how i know this!!!
  13. ccat

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    Fayetteville Ar
    I have owned Action Pack (old school years ago) to DieHard, Everstart and Interstate. All were good WHEN I would take care of them.
    I agree with an earlier post. I don't think it really matters what label is on the side of the battery as long as you keep them charged AS SOON as you can after a fishing trip, keep the terminals clean and keep clean water in the cells. Most people let the water level fall in the cells and only check them when it is too late. We seem to just open our battery compartment and just "look" at them to basically see if they are there. Checking the water level in a battery takes about 20 seconds and to keep them filled takes another minute or two. That 1:20 can sure save on batteries and money on down the road.
  14. trnsmsn

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    I use "Commercial" 31 group batteries. They have the same cranking amps & reserve as any other group 31 battery but with a heavier casing, which I believe helps save the plates in the battery.They also come with the stud type terminals. This eliminates the need for another adapter terminal, which in turn, eliminates another connection to fail.