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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by TheIrishApprentice, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. TheIrishApprentice

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    Hey guys, I got started on catfishing about a month ago and now I want to get some of my own equipment. You know, rods, reels, tackle, etc.

    What would be the best rod and best reel I could get for big game cats that wouldn't break the bank? Also what hooks and line would ya'll recommend? Thanks.
  2. tomcat85

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    hey man, i have 2 rods that i really like a lot. a cabelas king cat and a wildcat trophecat id recommend both of them. theyre not the most expensive rods but theyve held up well so far. i use kahle hooks they seem to work the best for me. i usually use 3/0 hope this helps a little.

  3. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    I would start off with either a Abu 6000 or Abu 5000 combo at Wal-mart, and use 17 or 20 lb test line.
  4. laidbck111

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    I think it comes down to what you feel comfortable with and what you can afford. I personally started with a zebco 33 combo many, many years ago. As I got older and learned more I started catching bigger fish and moved straight to baitcasters ( I was a basser for a while). Then when I got into some catfishing I was using some saltwater stuff for awhile. But now my preferences are Uglystick "catfish" are Uglystick tiger (the yellow one) with an Abu 6000, 6500 are 7000. As for spinning I have a couple of Big Game rods with some daiwa 5050 Sealine spinning reels. Right now I have 30 pound Hi-vis Sea-line on all of them last year it was Cajun red advantage. I like regular J-hooks but also enjoy using kahles. As for weight I use what I need from split shot, egg sinkers, no roll, snagless and bunker weights. Most often rig used for me is a carolina rig. So depending on my mood and what size fish I am looking for dictates what equipment I use. Those are my basic combos and equipment though.
  5. superman

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    DeSoto MO
    i use abu 6000 on a 7 ft ugly stick ( have 6 of them ) with 20 to i think 80 pound test cajun line or iron silk i will use any hook exept a circle hook i don't like them but a lot of guys and gals do
  6. FishBrew

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    North Texas
    When starting out, keeping things basic/middle of the road usually works best. From there is easier and cheaper to figure out "your" set-up.
    My 2 cents: Uglystick "cat" rod (medium heavy) 6 1/2 to 7 foot minimum, 20# to 25# test main line. If using a leader type set-up (carolina rig), I wouldn't go less than 40 - 50# test mono. If you like setting the hook, 4/0 to 6/0 kahle hooks, otherwise use cirlce hooks. 2 oz sinkers is a good starting point depending on the type of water (lake,river, etc.) and style of fishing (bottom, bobber, etc.). All of these should be relatively cheap and easy to find and if they don't work its easy to change and you are not out a bunch of money.
    If I were going to "spend some money" on any tackle for a first timer, it would be on the reel. Not that a reel is better simply because it cost more, but for catfishing, regardless if spinning or baitcaster, a good drag that is also easy to adjust with a fish on is key. I bet if you added it up, more big cats are lost simply because the drag is set to tight or to lose. I personally prefer a baitcaster with steel gears.
    The above set-up will land some monster cats and still provide a fun fight for those 20 plus pounders. I understand the manly, macheese-mo thing of cranking the drag all the way down, fishing with a telephone pole, using cable as line, and basically having a winch as a reel so you can just simply over powering every fish. Personally, I like the fight and yes, I fish in the stick-ups and in the trees. Break-offs and missed fish happen regardless of the set-up.
  7. beetle

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    Sometimes you can find some good deals at yardsales, flea markets, and pawn shops. If you bank fish the longer the rod the more casting distance you will have. I use 10-12ft rods.