Best areas to put in a canoe on the Neuse River

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    My and a friend were thinking about heading downstream with the canoe this weekend and were wondering what might be the best spots to put in. I have been trying to find boat ramp listings online and the best page I have found is I am not sure how complete this list is. We were thinking about heading downstream of Smithfield. Looking to catch some big flatties and some big blues. Any ramp recommendations would be helpful. Not asking for specific holes, just which ramp would get us in the best area. Thanks
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    Hey Hardy,

    You can also try to find NC Wildlife ramps in the areas your interested in. I'm not familiar with the Smithfield section of the river but a great trip depending on water levels would be from Contentnea Creek in Grifton to Maple Cypress. There are a lot of big cats in that stretch of the creek and river. Have fun and good luck