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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Delisleba, May 22, 2008.

  1. Delisleba

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    I did some searching for this forum but did not find one. I want to know that if you can only have one catfishing pole to use forever and for all types of catfishing what would it be. I have been been working on getting just such a combo and believe I finally found it. I would love to know what the rest of the BOC members think of my choice and what is your choice.

    I am considering the following factors when deciding.

    1. Versatility - I want a rig that can be used in small farm ponds and on big rivers. Something you can take to small creeks and not worry about trees hanging over head. 10 foot plus rods need not apply.

    2. Packability - I sometimes have to travel light, walking to a fishing hole or get stuck riding with my friend in his compact car. So this rig needs to be light and small with out giving up power to haul in the big one.

    3. Durability - We all know what this means.

    4. Cost - Yes that Shimano Calcutta maybe better then my reel choice but at 250 plus for just a reel, is a bit pricey. I think 250 dollars would be a good limit for the reel, rod and line combo. However, feel free to go over this limit, just remember that mine is under this.

    5. Castablity - This applies to the line, reel and rod. I am a bank fisherman so I need to cast out there sometimes. Can it cast smaller weights and handle bigger ones say 3,4,5 oz. plus sinkers.

    OK and the winner is

    Drum roll please......................

    Reel - Abu Garica Record RCN60HC - This is one great reel it holds 245 yards of 14 lb test and casts great it has a power handle and a super smooth retrieve. Cost $150 and it now has a $15 rebate. I have never had a problem with any Abu.

    Rod - The War Rod, hands down.

    Line - Sufix 50 lb Braid which is 12lb diameter. I have used many different braids and this is the thinnest best casting braid I have found. Cost $32 for 300 yards $32.

    Overall I think it would be hard to beat this combo on all the above factors but can not wait to here what you guys and gals think.
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    Looks to me like you have it nailed down Brian.The only thing I would have done different would have been to put a ABU 6500 Chrome Rocket on the rod (same Price) I own Both reels,and one sometimes I have found that I have a tendancy to hit the thumb bar on the Record when setting the hook.they both cast GREAT,JMHO. Great setup you have there,Now go catch that HOG :wink: J.D.

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    If you gave me $250 to spend, I would go with another one of my custom rods from Skipper Rods. 7' one-piece. Light weight, excellent feel in your hands, plenty of backbone. It would take up $80. Next woul be my Okuma Avenger ABF-65. Great reel, excellent line capacity, smooth, and can generate 35# of drag force. Costs around $60. Vicious Ultimate fishing line 20# test mono. I love the way this line fishes and cost a lot less than braided. You can get 330 yrds for under $10. That totals up to $150 which leaves money to pay for hooks, sinkers, and all the other misc. items and a little gas to get there.
  4. Delisleba

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    I did think real hard about the Chrome Rocket reel. It just looks super tuff and smooth. I really never have problems with thumb bars. In the end it was just the Records extra bearings. I liked how keeping a tight drag with the Record does not affect the spool and it is a little smoother on the retrieve then the Rocket maybe? If I am not mistaken the Chrome Rocker has the heavier clicker on it too. Which I dont like.


    I got 2 Salt Striker Bait-feeder Reels (Model SSBF-65) on my wish list at Cabela's which I believe is the Okuma brand reel just under the Cabelas name. I think this is closer to the Epixor Okuma then the Avenger they both look nice but them spinning reels just don't get the casting distance I need sometimes. I will get one soon and just might get the Avenger as it is a little cheaper. Ugly Stick rods are the best in my book. They are cheaper then most and are the toughest rods I ever used. I have also been shopping for a copolymer line and well try the vicious line when I get my spinning reels. I hope to make it to one of your NEOCATS events soon but gas is a killer!

    Thanks for both of your input.
  5. CJ21

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    A Abu 6000 or 6500C3 Combo is a good one.
  6. mrmarkedwards

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    Brian, heres the outfit i would put together for that budget.

    Rod: uglystick bws 1102 8ft long, 2pice model that cast cast 1-6oz up to 100 yds or more (depending on bait used) cost 40-50 dollars

    Reel: okuma epixor eb-65 a medium heavy weight as far as spinning reels go but, its a very versatile reel with a baitrunner feature and it'll hold 320 yards of 20lb test line and it comes with 2 spools(more on this in a second). cost 75-90 dollars.

    Line: I would go with a 300 yard spool of suffix performance braid. now here's where the reel can really shine with the 2 spools first, tie the braid on the graphite spool, load the braid on the top that off with 20lb mono. Now put the aluminum spool and tie on the mono and fill that spool you now have a reel spooled with braid that can take on just about anything. total cost of both lines 30-35 for the braid and 8-10 dollars for the mono.

    this outfit would run somewhere in the 170-190 range and can go from back creeks to big rivers. it can pitch a small bait 20 feet or power cast over 100 yards. it'll fit in the smallest of cars and take some the biggest catfish out there. and you have money left over for bait and gear. hope this helps you out good luck!
  7. Cuz

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    Heres my vote, and keeping within the 250 dollar budget.

    Reel: Shimano Tekota 600 Series Bait Caster. The smoothest 4 ball bearing reel out there and has the torque for the hogs, and the finesse for the little guys. Retail Price, Ebay for 150.00 Bucks

    Rod: War Rod:

    Line: Power Pro 80 LB test. Obviously the power to pull in the rivers biggest fish, yet having the diameter of 20 pound mono, it can easily be utilized to catch all those eater channels.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    when i was a kid. simple

    ZEBCO 33


  9. peewee williams

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    Your rig is great.

    Zebco bronze bushing 808 & 888 handled most but not all of everything that I ever deliberately fished for in fresh and salt water plus lasted almost 30 years and still going.Various cheap rods and 20 lb.mono.also worked well.

    Where I was going to "welcomely or unwecomely" get into 50-500+,the Penn reels,saltwater rods and mono to 80 lb.has also worked fine since the early 50's.

    Let's face it.A zebco 33 in the hands of a experienced decent fisherman will handle 99% of all Catfish caught in the USA.A Zebco 808 or 888 will handle 99.9%.Only those who fish for and dream of the other 1/10th of 1% of Catfish need to spend over $50.00 to fish for Catfish.Most are never needed.Just a fact of life.

    Now those who fish from a fixed surface and have to compete with strong current and cover will need the max. for what size they fish for.

    The above being said.Two of Cabela's Saltstriker SS6600 reels (Pflueger Trion 66 reels) rated for 200 yds.of 17 lb.mono. filled to capacity with 30 lb.,.008 dia. braid.$100.00 for both reels on sale.2 BP. Power Plus Trophy class 7'6" med hvy act. 1/2 -2 0z lure wt.rods.-$50.00 for both rods on sale.$99.00 for 2400 yards of 30 lb.braid on sale.I have plenty left over!-$200.00 for both rigs.These are medium freshwater and lite saltwater rigs.

    Penn 145 GTI reel spooled with 600 yards of BP Excel 30 lb.mono.,Diawa BEEFSTICK MH 1-5 oz. 14-50 lb.7 foot rod.This rig is heavy freshwater and medium saltwater.The reason for spooling with 600 yards of 30 lb.mono is for Saltwater Cobia,King Mackerel,Jack,Wahoo and Dauphin.Also good heavy Cat fishing for my offspring.I have less than $200.00 in the outfit bought new.

    Mitchel Riptide 4/0 reel.$50.00 on sale.Spool full of 50 lb.Bass pro Excel mono.$3.00 out of sale bin. Eagle Claw 6'6" Ozark Snaggler 40-80 lb.line rated rod $15.00 on sale.$68.00 total.

    For heavy freshwater and saltwater spinning,I love the Okuma Coronado CD90's with various lines and rods.Spare spools and rods make it easy.Total was $250.00 for 3 reels and 3 x-tra spools some years back.

    My 25+ year old Alvey Aussie saltwater reels handle a unbelievable amount of line,work on most spinning rods,are designed to and will handle 100 + and reels under $250.00.They also sell a plastic hand reel for $10.00 that will and can be used to catch a 1000 if you can do your part.

    Now I have two rods and one reel received as gifts from Brothers on the BOC.These are my favorites,but are PRICELESS so they far exceed the $250.00 limit.

    At almost 63,I have been collecting gear for a long time.I also have gear on loan for the duration.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  10. catoon

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    bill dance quantum bait casting at bass pro shop for 89 dollars :wink:
  11. Tom Morris

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    you need to put your state in here
    Bass Pro Shops Cat Buster is a real under rated rig.
  12. Fate

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    Fate Murray
    For the $250 budget mentioned I would buy two RL-M/H Rods & two KK Rover 60 Reels...

    Spend the leftover on some Sufix 932 Braid.