Berkley Vanish Transition (My Review)

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by Sentry Dog Man, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Picked up a 250 yard spool of 8 pound test Berkley Vanish Transition line (yesterday, Sunday, late in the afternoon). Put it on my Quantum Energy PTi reel, which I have on a G Loomis, Drop Shot rod. Went fishing within an hour or so after I got it spooled. Fished with it off and on from around 7 PM until midnight. "I hated it." Seemed to have loads of memory, bunches of line slap (it scared my great nephew, every time I casted it, because of the noise it made). It developed loops real quickly and I would have a wad of line trying to push thru the guides when I would make a cast on several occasions (not good, especially when you are night fishing).

    Anyway, I do not recommend this fluorocarbon line. I don't care if it does "vanish" underwater. It was/is a pain in the butt to use.

    I might also add, that I also respooled another reel today before I went fishing (a Shimano Symetre) that I have on another G Loomis Drop Shot rod, with 8 pound test Stren original. And, using the same lures etc, rigged the same way, I never had a problem. Now, this is not a "push" for Stren. I am just stating what happened with two different lines, fished the same way but on two different reels.

    Now, I had some new line on that Qunatum (only a month or two old (Berkley smooth casting) and it worked great. But, I thought that maybe the Vanish Transition was a much better line because it was a flurocarbon, and of course, cost so much more. Well, no way my friends. I wasted over 14 bucks (including taxes) on some crappy line. I will now rip that junk off, after just having used it a few hours, and replace it with either some more original Stren, Berkley smooth casting or Berkley Big Game (if they have the Big Game in 8 pound test or less.

    I just don't think I have ever had a line that disappointed me as much and so quickly as this Berkley Vanish Transition. And, I am certainly not down on all Berkley lines. For, I love the Big Game lines and Tri Lene XL, Smooth Casting and the Extra Tuff, I have had good results from all of those. But, this transition stuff is going in the trash tomorrow. Unless one of you wants to drop by and run the line from my reel to yours. This will be the quickest I have ever dumped a line.

    Maybe it was/is just a bad spool I got. I do not know. But, whatever the case may be, this line I have is not a good performer.
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    Mike I have read about the same problem you had with flurocarbon line it is just to stif for spinning make great leader though mabe you want to save it for that.

  3. jdstraka

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    Thanks Mike I know I have Looked at the same line and was wondering if it was worth the money and now I know its not. Thanks for the Review cause now I know to just leave it on the shelf. Rep. points to you Sir. J.D.Straka
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    Thanks for the review, always nice to know what works and what is not so good.
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    hey brother that is a great post it helped me and a lot other out that it isn't good
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    I got the spool of 4lb transition for my baitcatcher, abu ultralite on a berkely cherrywood and i've been nothing but happy. i know the flourocarbon does have the extra stiffness to it over a monofilament but my little 4lb casts well and offers near unfailing strength. havent tried the heavier lb test though.
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    Thanks... I really appreciate the review, you've saved a lot of people some money.
  8. rich-online

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    You might consider using that line for leader material. With any luck, memory won't be a problem for a short piece.

    -- Rich
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    Hi Mike, works great for leader material. I use Vanish to fish for trout, pan fish and tuna fishing.