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Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by catman79, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. catman79

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    i just picked up some berkley trilene sensation 25# low vis green and was wondering if anyone has used this before,looking for the pros and cons of it thanks
  2. Colsrob

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    I have used it for years, but nothing above #12 test. I like it alot. The memory is good and it seems to be tought enough, even though I was not catching anything too big with it.

    However, if you are one those night fishermen that watch your line, you will not care for the low vis green. It really is low vis at night.:big_smile:

    The great thing about the Sensation is it's diameter. Although, I have found other Berkley products that have the same diameter now. When I first starting using it, it was much smaller than the other lines. It was originally called Sensi-Thin. I think it was renamed because of a condom line that used the same name.:smile2:

  3. playin4funami

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    I have used the 20 lb. stuff and really like it compared to some other brands. It seems alot softer and holds really well on knots and is a little thinner than other lines of the same diameter so you can put more on a reel and have less resistance in the water. The only drawback to me is it's stretch,it stretches A LOT! now this is good when fighting a big fish sometimes,but can make a good solid hookset hard to achieve,and if you snag up bad and have to break off then reel all your slack up and pull the line tight you can get a 25% stretch on it before it breaks,like if you have 40 yards of line out you can stretch it 10 yards before the rifle like crack of the line giving up. like I said it can be good or bad depending on how you normally fish.