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Berkley Professional Vertical Rod Rack

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I bought 2 of these last night and I think I am going to take them back. They were 8.97 at walmart each. There is room for 6 rods on each mit. Last night I noticed that where i was going to put them in the basement has only a seven foot ceiling and one of my rods is 7'6. I was going to try to put them horizontally but it wasnt very sturdy and then my reels are so big that i could only put 2 or 3 on each rod holder kit. I would like to just take these back and use the money to make my own horizontal rod holders. Does anyone have any pictures of what they use for mounting horizontally? Or are there any kits i can buy elsewhere that has more of a gap between each notch so i can fit my baitcasters on there?
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In the library on the old site I had an example of what I use. I'll get together some of my old pics and get it posted. Very affective and costs very little to make. use it in the back of my pickup to hang my rods from the roof of the cap.
Heres a little somethin ya can slap together and it works like a champ. Get as creative as ya want and as big as ya want. I built this one for truck purposes but I'm sure it can be applied elsewhere.
That looks pretty nice what materials did you use?
Big George, the back of your truck looks like the view from the back of my van. I used the twistlock plastick Berkley rod holders and mounted them to the roof of the van, works great and holds the rods tight. They work just as well in the basement and I can stagger the bigger reels so they fit without banging together. Abu
that looks pretty cool george. lust a little finness with a jigsaw and walla. thats a great and inexpensive rack. looks good too.

well in my shed hears how i did my rod storage. a lillle more costly but like $0.50 a rod. a hook and eye.
that is a nice rig I wish I could figure out something to do with my piece of crap honda
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