Berkley Glowstik Rod

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by NoCat2Big, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. NoCat2Big

    NoCat2Big Guest

    I recently purchased one of these at [email protected] Pro to give it a shot.

    It's not a bad rod. It has 2 Battery powered blue LED lights in it that light up
    the shaft pretty well at night to see the pole with.

    I do see a flaw with it tho. The light does not shine clear to the tip.
    However if you set it next to your latern for a while the whole rod with light up like a ghost.

    Overall it seems to be a pretty good rod but I would check out the other
    models before recommending you buy this one.

    JERMSQUIRM Well-Known Member

    lots of fellas on here use en. chuck and tim from illinois love em. i believe they both put a trophy series abu on a 7'. chucks might be an 8'. i have a neighbor that loves his too. he has an ambass, six star on his. ive heard nothing but good so far and i am getting one soon. prob go down to cat connection soon.

  3. Bull72chvy

    Bull72chvy Guest

    I have an old one I no longer use.It had to be left in the sun all day for the tip
    to glow about ten minutes.I was not impressed.I now use 3" glowsticks attached to the end of my rod.I have had nothing but good luck with these.I ordered a box of them from one of the local pawn shops for a better price than buying them individually,they are also available online at wholesale prices.

  4. Abu

    Abu Guest

    If the tip of the rod would glow like the bottom and center of the blank and it was a little heavier rod like the American Premier Nite Sticks or Shakespeare Ugly Tiger rods it would be perfect for my type of fishing. I bought two of the 8 foot Berkley Glowsticks and sold them both. They are a very nice rod but they just don't fit my type of fishing with large baits and sometimes fishing in alot of current. Abu
  5. flat and happy

    flat and happy Guest

    I have an 9 footer, I like the rod as far as the light part there should have only been one to light the tip, what I did was run black tape the length of the rod except the last two feet then you can see the tip, other wise the fat part of the rod over powers the tip and makes it hard to see
  6. Catman 1964

    Catman 1964 New Member

    New Mexico
    I have used my 9' Glowstick for awhile and I am slightly impressed. Recently I bought a 9' Reflex from the Catfish connection and found it to be much better as a fishing tool.