Berkley Catfish Powerbait

Discussion in 'Fishing Bait Review' started by CatPhish, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. CatPhish

    CatPhish New Member

    Has anyone tryed the Berkley Catfish Powerbait?
  2. Sentry Dog Man

    Sentry Dog Man New Member

    Yeah, I have tried it. Never had a strike on it. And, for that matter, I have never had a strike/bite on any store bought catfish bait. But, I am once again going to try, yet another store bought bait (Wicked Sticky) and see if it will work for me or not. Have heard a lot of good reports on it (Wicked Sticky), on this forum.

    I think a lot of it has to do with the area and/or type of waters you fish, as to whether a particular type of commerically prepared stink/doughball/dip bait etc will work or not. My best success has always been with a natural bait from the waters I fished. Be it, live bluegill or shad, or cut bait, heads and entrails from the same.

    Just remember this, "Most store bought baits will catch more fishermen (due to advertising hype) than they will fish." At least, that has been my experience. For, I have been caught many times. But, alas, I was released to fall prey to yet another another bait. But, Hey, "Ain't it fun experimenting." :grin-big:

  3. asukevin

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    Tempe, AZ
    I think that the Berkley Catfish Bait is absolutely horrible. I fished with the same bag for 5 different times one week and got ONE bite. So I threw it away, and the next time I went fishing, we had some Magic Bait Chicken Blood, and I managed to get two fish in, one was 4+ and the other was very very small. So never never get Berkley's Catfish Bait. But on a plus side, I did have it on my hands, and it didnt stink very bad, and I went to class and nobody noticed! hahaha!!
  4. Mathersm

    Mathersm New Member

    Darbydale, Ohio
    I used it in lake erie a few years ago and it was the only store bought bait I ever caught nething on. I had just bought my first 8' cat rod. I picked a bag of it up to try it out. I ended up catching 6 or 7 nice sized channels in 2 hours or so of fishing. That is the only time I ever tried that particular brand. Gotta agree with Sentry as quite a few store bought baits like that have caught me and no fish. Course it don't help watching OLN and seeing people catch fish left and right on store bought baits. Course they fish all day to get 20 minutes of footage.
  5. Matthew72

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    Cobden Il.
    I have a bag and a half of Magic Bait. I have caught a drum,and a stick. I am hopin to find a thread on here where an employee of that fine company explains the proper methods for usin the chickenliver and chickenblood flavor and the crawdad and blood. I hope to win the Magicbait so that I can try some of the more expensive products they offer. I know that if I have the whole collection of goods I can and will catch some great catfish.

    Also today I went fishin and caught 2 stripedbass and 1 crappie and 1 drum.I had my poles out to catch cats with the afforementioned bait. I had my microtriggerspinner from zebco to try for some crappie while I waited for the cats to come callin.I caught all but the drum on the micro rigged with a bright orange and red roostertail 1/8 oz in weight.I am sorry I have gone on so long, I will talk to yall later bye.....