Berkeley lightening rod new inserts and monofilament

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by sandtoad, Aug 20, 2008.

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    I got one of the new Berkeley lightening rods because I have been so impressed with the sensitivity of the rod blank with previous models. I noticed they no longer use the aluminum oxide inserts, instead opting for titanium guides with either chromium or stainless steel inserts. My problem is I feel like these inserts are very sharp on the outside and actually cut into my monofilament. I noticed after my last fishing trip that there was my there was about a foot length on my monofilament that had been shaved lengthwise and I am wondering if the guides/inserts did this. This line that I was using was 10 lb. super silver thread, which is my favorite line. The only catch is this is a bulk spool and is probably over 5 years old. Do you think my line is just old of do you think the new inserts in the lightening rod are a problem? I ran my monofilament over the outside of the inserts and they really are pretty sharp and really seem to mess up the monofilament. Does anybody have any experiences with the new inserts and how they work with monofilament? Thanks! :cool2: