Bent prop shaft?

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by Cattracker16, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Cattracker16

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    Wilton Iowa
    I replaced my prop today, it needed it, i hit a stump last weekend, so i took the old one off and it worn on one side of the prop where it rides in the lower part. The question i have is it possible that i bent the shaft? and is it going to hurt anything if i continue to run it that way? i don't think it has a vibration. should i call the insurance man? :sad2:
  2. DTro

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    Sorry to hear about that.

    I bent my shaft on my Merc 25hp on a big log last year. I noticed that when I spun the prop by hand I had some runout (wobble). Anyways, if you can see the runout with a naked eye, I would say it needs to be fixed.
    It will push the boat along fine, but will put unneeded stress and wear on the engine.

    It is not a cheap fix, but I was able to find my parts on Ebay and have them installed by a local mechanic. I could've probably done it myself, but on Mercs you need a special tool to remove the shaft.

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    i have a merc 9.9 on my small jon and i have bent and replaced the prop shaft 3 times now from hitting stuff in the river. it isnt that hard to replace on mine, takes about 30 minutes. prop shaft alone was $138!
  4. Jesse168

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    You could have bent the prop shaft or shifted the hub of the prop.
    The way to tell is take the prop off the prop shaft and put dial indicator against the end of the prop shaft then turn the shaft and watch the dial on the shouldn't vary over a couple of thousands (each line on dial is .001" ).

    You will have to have motor in neutral to turn the prop shaft. You will have to either put nut back on shaft and turn with wrench or turn with long piece in slot for sheer pin.

    Props can be rehubbed and prop shafts can be straightened if not bent too much.