Belton Lake---Blues

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    Can anyone give me any tips on fishing Belton or Whitney Lake for summer blue cats, Trotlining or Jug fishing. Have been fishing rivers all my life need to learn how to fish lakes.Been to Belton lake 2 times, caught 5 good blues in 3-4 # range first trip, got skunked on 2nd trip. Will also be fishing for flats and channels.
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    Lake Whitney Texas
    I live here in whitney. We have been fishing in and around Whitney Creek. We have caught a few but nothing real big. If I where you I would set out some jug lines in the mouth of whitney creek in about 12 to 18 foot of water right beside the creek channel. Use your electronics and you should be able to find the channel. Also Frazier creek has had some action. You could set your jug lines about the same depth. The further you go into Frazier it turns into sandy flats and is pretty shallow. Lake Aquilla is a nice little hot spot also. You could set jugs in about 12 to 15 foot of water. This lake is very stumpy so be careful. But anywhere you could find that depth in and around the trees I think you should do well. We use cut shad and cut buffalo. Hope this helps you out.