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Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by Whistler, Aug 20, 2005.

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    Original post made by Nate VanGilder(Slikster) on August 13, 2005

    Have an old worm out leather belt that has seen its better days?

    Get a piece of coarse sand paper and rough up the finished side of the belt real good.

    Cut the belt into 2 inch pieces.

    Take a small nail or leather punch and poke a few small holes(big enough to run a hook through) in each leather square. I prefer opposing corners.

    Put the leather pieces in a glass jar, add a few tablespoons of garlic salt, and enough cod liver oil to cover the leather with room for it to slosh around. Cover tightly and shake well.

    After a week or two you're ready to fish. Just take out a square of leather and thread a hook through at least 2 of the holes you made.

    This bait will keep forever. The pieces are reusable. And the longer you have it, the more the oil and garlic salt will penetrate the leather.

    Works just as well with suede also.
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    That sounds good I'm going to try it.