below watts bar dam

Discussion in 'LOCAL TENNESSEE TALK' started by jrod79, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. jrod79

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    north carolina
    does anyone know if the catfishing and any other species is any good below the dam at the head of chick ?not looking for monsters just something to tug back. would also like to try for some smallmouth, whitebass and sauger if any are biting now. any info will help cause i have to drive at least 2 hours to get there
  2. FordTruckGuySTX

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    Caryville, TN
    I havent fished it any this past year but in general it is *excellent* Usually Jan-Fed yields alot of flatheads, most of mine where in the 10-25lb range. The rest of the time is generally blues with some channels mixed in. Most of my blue cats are usually 5-17lbs and I've caught a few channels over 15lbs. In late spring to summer it's not unusual to catch 30-50 fish in a day between 3 people. I also catch alot of whitebass in the tailrace there. Most of my fish came on cut gizzard shad. I'd recommend a pyramid sinker or some anti-roll sinker as the rocky bottom don't help stop sinkers too good. And if the tailrace doesn't produce slow drifting for blues is pretty effective especially around this time of year.

  3. Ricky Dills

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    Hi my name is Rick i live in knoxville i heard it is hot right now for big blue gill and some shellcrackers i am going when the weather permits and find out for myself :cool2: