Below Red Rock Dam

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    Has anyone been having any luck below Red Rock? I went there last Friday night and caught my first flat for this season and missed a couple others. I went back again Saturday during the cold snap and didn't stay long enough to keep my luck going, although people around me caught a couple of smaller flats. Thats the first time I have fished it. It was pretty tough to stay out of the rocks no matter what direction or what distance I casted out....I lost a few rigs but it was worth it. Any thoughts or suggestions how to fish the rocks and not get snagged up I would love to here em.
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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Hi Todd and Welcome Aboard. I have fished below the dam but its been a copple of years now and you will lose some terminal tackle but you might want to try a three way rig and on your dropper line that has the weight use lighter line.For instance if your main line is 30# pounds make your dropper line for your weight 10# pounds that way when you snag up you will only lose your weight. this might help with some of your gear. hope this helps. Bigcatman0816.:lol: